Serape - Rio Grande Saltillo : Historic Navajo Textile : PC 34

This weaving is for the serious collector.  Woven with 4-ply Germantown yarn, this Late Classic Serape is a Rio Grande design influenced by the Mexican Saltillo. It features a difficult and complex pattern which covers every inch of the piece. The central panel is formed from serrated diamonds, the largest is concentric. 

When you zero in and look at the design with a detective eye, you will see that each of those central diamonds is outlined in a bi-colored belted diamond.  Up to SIX layers of different bi-colored belted diamonds.  Whoah!  Yes, look! 

Finally, this gorgeous weaving has a most unusual border.  a double line border of red and white interrupted by a double stepped mountain design.  This weaving is almost too much to take in at one time.  Its' simply glorious. This piece was likely woven in a Hispanic household. 

Style Wearables: Manta, Serape, Child
Weaver Unknown
Circa Early 1880s
Size 49" x 92" 
Item # PC 34
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A unique blend of history, Native American culture and storytelling make these weavings an art like no other.

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Type: Serape

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