SOLD Two Grey Hills/Three Turkey Ruin Navajo Rug : Elsie Bia : Churro 1563

Hot off the loom and beautiful!!!

Master weaver Elsie Bia is weaving a Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug.  She demonstrated her weaving skills with this Two Grey Hills on the loom Sunday March 11th here at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery. 
Elsie told us the border gave her the fits, and ever the perfectionist she took it out several times before she was pleased!     

This weaving is a tribute piece to Ellen Begay who was from the Three Turkey Ruin area.  Elsie's version has vegetal dyed indigo blue highlights.  It is 3' x 5'.


Style Two Grey Hills
Weaver Elsie Bia
Date 2018
Size 38" x 60"(3' x 5')
Item # Churro 1563

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