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Style: Moki Weavings

Moki Hubbell Transitional Blanket : Historic : GHT 2016

The Moki Blanket offers a unique narrow striped styling that generally alternates between dark blue and black or brown rhythmic banding. One of the most historic Navajo weavings, they’ve been in use since the early 1700s. 


History of Moki Rugs
Easily one of the most well-known styles due to their value to early settlers, Moki weavings began as blankets around Coronado’s expedition in 1540. Originally designed by Spanish weavers and adopted by the Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi.   The Moki became as valuable as food, due to their durability and ability to keep you warm on those frigid winter nights.


A Weaving Tradition
Moki weavings have been in demand in and outside of New Mexico for more than 200 years, first within the traditional Hispanic and Pueblo culture and then the Navajo as time progressed.

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Uniform Texture

Though generally created with standard hand-spun native wool they were also woven with Germantown yarns.  It’s the distinct style and uniform texture that captures the artist’s techniques. What’s more, the Moki can be seen with colorful stripes that seems to be unified with no clear beginning or end. This makes them easier to weave, certainly, but also allows a more appealing and thoughtful uniqueness to each rug that can be experienced differently by each person, especially when worn.


The Power of Creative Thought
It’s no small thing to say that Moki weavings inspired generations of Pueblo and Navajo weavers to take on a uniquely woven craft for comfort and warmth, sometimes saving lives. Though the Moki may not be as intricately detailed as a Two Grey Hills or Teec Nos Pos, they are as intertwined with life and history of the Pueblo and Navajo as any rug, weaving or tapestry you will find. This is a style that has rarely been woven since the early 1900s.

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