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American Indian Rug Teec Nos Pos Navajo Rug : Cara Gorman : Churro 625

Teec Nos Pos Navajo Rug : Cara Gorman Yazzie : Churro 625 : $12,000

If you are you looking for genuine Navajo rugs for sale, you have found them! With Nizhoni Ranch Gallery you get access to one of the world's largest selections of authentic Navajo rugs available for sale today. Navajo weaving and Navajo blankets represent a Native American weaving tradition going back centuries. So look no further. You have found your definitive source for Navajo Rugs, the Nizhoni Ranch Gallery, Sonoita, Arizona.

Steve and Gail Getzwiller, and the rest of the Nizhoni Ranch Gallery team, work very closely with the American Indian artists who weave these rugs. Longstanding relationships, and direct dealings with the most talented Navajo weavers ensure you the best prices for the highest quality Navajo rugs available today!

Steve is committed to the furthering and preservation of the Art of Navajo Weaving. He accomplishes this by collaborating with exclusive Master Navajo Weavers, who utilize authentic materials like Churro Wool prepared and woven using millennia old cultural traditions.

The Navajo Churro Collection pieces are commissioned by Steve Getzwiller and are superior works of art created with special dyes and the finest select materials. You cannot find this level of quality anywhere else.


Museum Quality Navajo Rugs

Many of the Navajo rugs for sale on our site, including many of the new pieces, have literally hung in museums. These are not merely Navajo rugs. These are works of textile art, to be collected and handed down accordingly. Whether the rug you buy at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery costs $400 dollars, $4,000 dollars, or $40,000 dollars, always remember that you are buying genuine authentic quality Navajo rug weaving in each one of these price ranges.


Cara Yassie wearing one of her weavings standing in front of Spider Rock
Cara Gorman Yazzie at Spider Rock

There are many tales and stories regarding the rich Navajo history in America. None may be more intriguing and exciting than that of the infamous Spider Woman. A deity that holds a special place in the Navajo culture, it is believed that she is the one that taught the Navajo to weave.

It’s said that the first loom was made from sky and earth cords, and that the weave itself was made from sunlight, lightning, crystals and white shells.

The truth, however, is the Pueblo people taught the Navajo how to create Native American hand-woven blankets. In fact, Navajo artists were influenced in part by the Spanish who had introduced cotton to the Pueblo long before 1650.

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