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A spotlight on Zia Potter Ruby Panana

A spotlight on Zia Potter Ruby Panana
Zia Potter Ruby PananaRuby Panana has been a creating stunning pottery since 1983. Her pottery began winning awards from the very first time it was exhibited. Ruby's work encompasses many forms from jars, bowls, vases, wedding vases and even canteens. She produces some of the largest Zia pottery pieces.  Her works of art are painted with natural materials - clay, rocks, sand, and she creates black from wild spinach.  Her brushes are created traditionally by chewing yucca to create the perfect tool. 

Ruby's gorgeous works are on exhibit in noted Southwest galleries: The Indian Craft Shop, the Museum of Northern Arizona, and the US Department of the Interior in Washington DC.  You can find her pottery in major collections, including the Wright Museum at Harvard. 

Zia Potter Ruby PananaSteve and I wanted to share with you the beautiful works of the Zia Potter, Ruby Panana.  We are prompted by the latest edition of the Native American Art Magazine, which is featuring POTTERY.   Ruby is a wonderful person and works very hard to bring to life the clay she coils.  We hope you will enjoy the selection below and possibly find one or two, that will fit into your collection.

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