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Booth Western Art Museum - Native Hands Exhibit!

Booth Western Art Museum - Native Hands Exhibit!


Booth Museum
The Booth Western Art Museum in Catersville Georgia has a semi-permanent exhibit named "Native Hands".  Over the years generous collectors have either loaned or gifted the Museum items from their personal collections to share with the public. 

The exhibit opened in 2009 and has since been updated 4 times.  While planning the 4th re-design, Lisa Wheeler, Director of Curatorial Services approached Gail and Steve in hopes they would consider lending pieces from their personal collection.  Gail and Steve happily agreed and now 47 items from their personal collection are on display.  

Below are photos of the Native Hands Exhibit along with a video.  The Booth Western Museum a must see if you are in the Atlanta area.  Items from the Getzwiller Collection will be on display until 2023.



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