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What is a Unicorn in the Navajo Weaving World?

What is a Unicorn in the Navajo Weaving World?

One in a million?  You bet!

We have discovered the Holy Grail for a Navajo textile collector. This 1st Phase Navajo Chief Blanket is not a Classic, but is truly an EARLY Classic Ute.  

This is one of the finest woven Ute Style 1st Phase Chief Blankets. There are approximately 65 Early Classic 1st Phase Chief Blankets known to exist. Approximately half are permanently in museums or in other institutions.

Many have heard about the Antique Roadshow episode filmed in Tucson where a very nice man was informed a rug that had been passed down to him was, in fact an Early Classic Ute Blanket. If you haven't seen the episode or it's been a while it is a heart warming tale!

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  • Beth Barth