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Woven Holy People Exhibition and Sale

Woven Holy People Exhibition and Sale

The Yei Be Cheis are still dancing at the Nizhoni Ranch Gallery's Woven Holy People Show. Here are some Restless ones moving about the gallery.

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Navajo Yei Rug close up
3215 : Yei Navajo Rug : Christine Chischilly: 34″ x 60″: $3500 (pg. 34 "Award Winner!)


Yei Be Chei Navajo Rugs

B25 : Yei Be Chei Navajo Weaving $2,700- By award winning Lula Brown pg 34


Yei Be Chei Navajo Rug

2087: Yei Be Chei Navajo Rug Woven By Louise Yazzie $4,500 pg 33


Nizhoni Ranch Navajo Rugs

Navajo Yei Be Chei Tapestry woven by Della Woody $3,650 pg 33


Yei Navajo Rug

3219 : Pictorial Yei Navajo Rug : Christine Chischilly : 53″ x 30″: $2250


2 small Navajo Yei Rugs

3202 : Foxtail Yei Navajo Weaving Woven by Ruby White (right) : $1,250

1998 : Yei : Shayne Ahidlley (left) $600

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