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Child’s Blanket finds a home in Kentucky

Child’s Blanket finds a home in Kentucky

Hi Gail/Steve,
I just got the blanket. It is even prettier that the photo. I was pleasantly surprised at how light it was. One day I will get a chief’s blanket, hopefully with very fine wool.  One of my neighbors really made over how lovely it is and said I should hang it immediately. I will hang it but first I just want to handle it, and maybe put over my shoulders while watching the evening news.  By the way, I have decided that I have too many weavings in this style and the next purchases will be in a different style–like Chinle Wide Ruins. You get the idea.
Again, great service and a beautiful weaving.
Larry H…. Kentucky (2/16/12)

Churro Registry 1052 Evelyn Yazzie Navajo Child's Blanket

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