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Collector rides the Navajo Reservation

Collector rides the Navajo Reservation

Dear Steve,
The weaving is stunning! I love it completely!
Many Thanks,
J.H. (Washington, November 2012)
and a short message about my ride all over the Navajo Reservation…..
with a photo of me and Penny, my great Paint in Canyon de Chelly – loved it all so much! 

Just a short message about my recent 8 days riding the
Navajo Reservation.It was a dream to camp and ride completely thru the
Canyon de Chelly,Monument Valley and Navajo Mountain community.I felt
right at home there and met a nice nurse (I am a nurse too so we had
alot in common!) there who taught me some Navajo words (I love you in
Navajo and how to make “fry bread’.I’ve sent her some old books I have
found from the 30’s about the reservation.It truelly was such a great
adventure galloping fast up the windy dirt roads on the “Rez”.I plan
to mail the final payment around November 16(Friday) and I am hoping
you will send 2 of the wood pieces that hold the weaving.I will plan
to hang it sideways so I will need the 2 of them to nail in the wall
to keep it up side to side.And I wish to thank you for allowing me to
purchase on layaway these 2 beautiful pieces of art.They truelly are
gorgeous!!!I feel truely blessed with them.I will enjoy them all the
more now that I have really been to the communities where they are
made.Again,thaks for helping me be able to pay for them slowly.Much
appreciation to you both, J.H.

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