IMMER versandkostenfrei in den USA !!

Navajo Rugs Migrate to Maine

Navajo Rugs Migrate to Maine

Gail and Steve,   They arrived!
Thoughtfully and carefully folded and packed… thank you. And they are absolutely beautiful… and I love the smell and the texture of the yarn… a veritable feast of loveliness!

Each has a unique look/feel befitting the choices and talents of the artists – love them all.
Thank you for including the Velcro, the thoughtful binder with each weaving’s provenance, and the book signed by you and Steve (which I will enjoy reading by the fire this evening).
We feel fortunate to be able to have such beautiful works in our home where they will be displayed in a place of honor and truly admired and appreciated.

In a disposable, plastic world of Walmarts and Made-in-China this is a reminder of the beauty that can be created by such talented (native) American artists.
We would appreciate your sharing our “heartfelt thanks” and appreciation with the artists themselves – we are honored to be the caretakers of their wonderful work.
Hope to see you this winter – will be sure to call ahead.

Regards,  Dave Z.- Maine

Navajo Churro Collection Teec Nos Pos 1152


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