IMMER versandkostenfrei in den USA !!

Yei Vegetal finds a new home in Colorado

Yei Vegetal finds a new home in Colorado

Hi Steve,  The weaving arrived safe and sound- it’s great!!– I guess I’ll keep it.   We hung it this afternoon on the wall in the master bedroom where it’s now flanked by Pablita Velarde earth paintings and other goodies including another rug. I know Steve said that he hadn’t seen a rug quite like this one.  The other rug is unusual as well- I attached a photo so you guys could see it- I’ll be interested to hear what the “maestro” thinks of it- it’s a vintage B’ganaskiddy theme…
Thanks for everything – This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience –
Perhaps we’ll do it again some day…
E.T. Denver, Colorado;)


ght 1031 Navajo Holy People With Corn Yei Vegetal Yello 44″ x 58″ (1.11M x 1.47M) Circa 1930’s

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