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Style: Chinle, Pine Springs, and Wide Ruins

History of Chinle Rugs
Steeped in the classical history of America, Chinle rugs began as a revival for the native Navajo weaving culture by old time Trader, Cozy McSparron and Bostonian Mary Cabot Wheelwright, founder of the Wheelwright Museum. These exquisite textiles helped revitalize this wonderful art form and were so inspirational it gave way to influence Wide Ruins Weaving designs, then Pine Springs and Crystal-- all of which further expanded on the color and style of their regional design origins. 

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Even though they’re not quite yet 100 years old, Chinle rugs have been one of the most popular and influential styles in today’s modern Navajo rug collections. Mary Cabot Wheelwright and Cozy McSparron worked together to revive Navajo weaving and preserve its historic and cultural legacies. It’s because of her efforts that Mrs. Wheelwright’s museum has been able to carve out a beautiful collection of Native American history, especially with regard to the preservation of Navajo Sandpainting Weavings. 

Intricate Designs
Finely woven with gorgeous geometric banded designs, Chinle, Pine Springs, Wide Ruins and Crystal rugs feature clean, distinct lines which most often feature natural plant dyes and hand-spun wools. These weavers are keeping history alive by continuing the tradition in a modern, 21st century world. 

Warm, Muted Vegetal Colors
Visually stunning with beautiful, contrasting vegetal colors, these designs are generally steeped in vibrant greens, muted golds and tans, and soft ivory and pink. The use of these unique colors as well as the intricate detail allow for striking color palettes, remarkable designs, and truly exceptional art work. 

Divergent Path
Chinle is one of the few weaving styles that’s been so popular and enlightening that it’s spawned similar competing styles (Pine Springs, Wide Ruins and Crystal). And yet, no matter which style you enjoy most, our professional weavers can deftly capture lines, colors, and designs in perfect detail. 

If you’re looking for a modern design that captures the unmatched look and quality of Navajo craftsmanship, Nizhoni Ranch Gallery can help you find the perfect rug to match your home or office. 

Here are beautiful examples of these fascinating weavings! 

 Early Chinle Style  (Pre-banded style)

 Early Chinle Style Weaving by Master Weaver Susie Begay - circa 2015            Antique Native American rug Chinle PC 47

Banded Chinle

 Chinle Weaving by Master Weaver Rena Birchman - circa 2013        Chinle Weaving by Master Weaver Abigail Smallcanyon Yazzie - circa 2012


Wide Ruins

     Wide Ruin American Indian Rug Lillian Joe 3374    

Pine Springs 

American Indian PIne Springs WeavingPine Springs Weaving by Master Weaver Anna Clyde - circa 1950-60s Pine Springs Weaving by Master Weaver Irma Frances       

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