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Exhibit: 2014 - Woven Nation - TUBAC ARIZONA


"Collection of Steve Getzwiller"  
Exhibition at the Tubac Center for the Arts
Tubac Arizona  2014

Paying homage to the Navajo Nation's greatest weavers and the art from their historic past.  This exhibit celebrates the Navajo Nation's Weaving Art, like no other!   Historic Blankets Child's Blankets, and Serapes, early regional styles of the Navajo Nation showing the various Trading Post Regions of the Navajo Reservation. Early examples of distinct areas from Ganado, Crystal, and Teec Nos Pos are revealed as well as styles like Yeis, Pictorials, Two Grey Hills and Bistie.  Many weavings represented the influence of early Traders including; JB Moore, Lorenzo Hubbell, and CN Cotton.  

An incredible gathering of sacred images, sandpainting designs, pictorials, saddle blankets and more. All in all, a visual, tactile, and spiritual experience to wander through this Historic Exhibit - a group of weavings never to hang together again.  

A milestone event sharing the woven history of the Navajo Weaver to fill this exhibit hall with memories, art, spirit, and energy from the Navajo Weavers of a time past. This exhibit included many "never seen before" one of a kind pieces, from the Steve and Gail Getzwiller Historic Navajo Weaving Collection.