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Master Weaver: Cindy Nez

Cindy nez at the loomBorn
: 1977 
CLAN :  “Where Water Meets Together” (mother).  Tangle Clan” (father).   Comanche Warrior (Nalii) and “Bitter Water” (Grandparents) 

Cindy Started Weaving in 1981 when she was 4 years old.  She was taught by her sisters and her Mother Grace Nez.  Cindy “My mother is the reason I started weaving!” 

Cindy has won “BEST OF SHOW” which is the highest honor awarded, for a beautiful Multi Pattern Teec Nos Pos  weaving with silk highlights, from the Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial in 2004She not only won, 1ST PLACE IN THE CATEGORY OF TEEC NOS POS, but also, BEST OF ALL WEAVINGS, and then BEST OF SHOW! …  which means that her weaving was the best of all entries in all art categories for the year of 2004!!   This Teec Nos Pos was on the loom for over two years – a true accomplishment in any field of the arts.  Teec Nos Pos is Cindy’s favorite style of weaving, many of her works were also exhibited in the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg, AZ. 


Cindy is from a very famous and talented family of weavers, her mother and 6 sisters are all award winning and highly respected Master WeaversCindy, “I have always lived on the Navajo Nation, as most of my family.  I have worked with other art forms like painting, basket making, Kachinas, etc. but my heart is most at home when weaving with the wool.  I have designs come into my mind all the time and look forward to each new one that may come into my imagination and then hopefully to my loom.” 

Cindy says, “I enjoy my work and strive to infuse beauty into each pieceI feel proud to have mastered the art of weaving, because it is something that very few people can hope to accomplish in their lifetimes.  The work is hard, takes time, the effort is not always easy but is worth it in the end to see your finished weaving come off of the loom.  It is exciting and spiritual, like seeing a part of you come to life in another dimension.  It is like a symbol or place you were for many moons of your life.

Sadly, we do not have any Cindy Nez weavings available at this time!
Cindy NezCindy NezCindy Nez

Cindy NezCindy NezCindy NezCindy NezCindy Nez

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