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Master Weaver: Lucie Marianito







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Master Weaver: Lucie Marianito
December 11, 1946
From: Jamestown New Mexico
CLAN: Water Edge, Born Into One Who Walks Around

Lucie Started Weaving in 1966 when she was 20 years old. She was taught by her grandma, Eunice Guy, and her mother, Laverne Marianito. All of my sisters weave and I believe are famous

“My Favorite design as a young girl was the Navajo Bun design – two triangles, top and bottom of the weaving. Today I like to weave the Chief Blankets and shawls.” said Lucie. “When I am weaving, I forget about my worries – they go away. Weaving reminds me of the good old days, when my grandmother would weave in a little shade outdoors. I hope my grandkids will learn to weave. I think it is important to keep the tradition of weaving going.”

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Lucie MarianitoLucie MarianitoLucie MarianitoLucie MarianitoLucie Marianito

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