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Style: Twill Weavings

Before it become a truly unique and rare find for rugs, twill weave was one of the most sought after styles for saddle blankets due to its thick fabric layering and stronger, longer-lasting durability. Today, it’s truly special to find twill weavings due to their beautiful colors and patterns as well as the fact that it’s an art form that’s slowly losing its long-standing battle with time.

History of Twill Rugs
While first adapted from Pueblo wearing blankets, then classic and late classic wearing blankets, the Twill weave today is best known for its use in saddle blankets. However, there is a point in history where a few Navajo weavers used twill weave in a variety of blanket styles to further expand its use. Twill weave today is still primarily used for saddle blankets, which is why finding them here at the Nizhoni Ranch Gallery in rug form is truly a unique opportunity to own a piece of history. Navajo Twill weavings are currently rarely woven and only by a few elderly weavers who remember this weaving technique.

Reversible Techniques
One of the biggest reasons why twill weave is so popular are, of course, the strength and durability that make it not only one-of-a-kind, but also the gorgeous diagonal and diamond patterning techniques used. These beautiful themes create a reversible look that let you flip the rug (or blanket) for a fresh, new look.


Durable, Stronger Design
While fewer and fewer artists are able to execute the twill weave, it’s important to remember that even ones made long ago are still standing the test of time because of their strength and unique weaving technique. Unlike other patterns and weaving styles, the twill uses a four harness loom by replacing the standard pull shed and stick shed with a stick shed and three pull sheds, a weaving technique adapted from the Pueblos. This weaving style is more complex and difficult for a new weaver to learn. Navajo weaving does take stamina, no matter what the style, however the twill is even more challenging.


Get One Before Time Overtakes Art
Like much of the original Navajo weaving and culture, time is slowly catching up to this proud people and their unforgettable works of art. With less and less weavers using this technique, it’s important to add a twill rug to your collection before they’re no longer being made.  


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