IMMER versandkostenfrei in den USA !!

Yei to Alicante Spain

Yei to Alicante Spain

Hi Gail

It arrived today! It’s truly amazing! My wife loves it.

……there is a line in the stitching in one corner which looks a little out of place…..what is it?

I believe what you are referring to is the Spirit Line. Some weavers when they put their best effort into a weaving Weave a small line to one edge of the weaving so their spirit can escape the weaving.  Navajo weaving is a spiritual practice for the weavers. In legend they were taught by Spider Woman to weave, and at Canyon de Chelly there is a very tall thin towering rock (as tall as a sky scraper) they call Spider Rock.

Thanks for the explanation, very interesting.  Photo attached.

I hung it directly on the wall!


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