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Mr Phillips And His Amazing Moki

Mr Phillips And His Amazing Moki

Hello everyone, 

What can I say? Like a magic carpet, Irvin's Moki flew in this morning. I think it has magic properties as it arrived so quickly. In truth, I was a little overwhelmed. In a good way, I assure you. Although I knew the size from your info, it still came as a surprise when I saw it unpacked for the first time. It's been hanging for a couple of hours and I'm beginning to get over the shock of its size.

The Moki is glorious. The depth of the colour astounds me. The little flashes of green, almost hidden away in the design, delight me. The brown bands remind me of dark chocolate. My favourite. :) Is the brown the natural colour of a dark fleece? I hope so. It is both vibrant and understated and I think that is a difficult thing to achieve.

As you can see from the photos, the Moki is hanging above the little Spanish cabinet. If I am watching television or listening to music or reading, it will always be in the edge of my vision. If it will stay there I don't know, but for now its where I can most appreciate it.

Thank you for the little treasure trove of magazines and catalogues. The catalogues look great and are a lovely addition to my little collection. I look forward to reading them.I would never doubt the artistic merit of Navajo weaving. It clearly has a cultural significance. Increasingly, I feel it has a spiritual significance and that is a precious thing. Whatever, all of my collection is a joy and a delight. The best for miles around, I bet. Probably the only one. :).

If possible, please convey my thanks to Irvin. Big respect. It's a beauty!

Again, thank you all for everything
DY, United Kingdom
DY sent us a follow-up message that we hope you enjoy as much as we do.
It has been a glorious early spring day in the English west country. The light was beautiful, so I took a few more photos of the Moki. I think they might be better than the first lot. If they are any use, feel free to use them.
It has only been here for three days, but my pleasure in Irvin's Moki grows. There is always a strange moment when one of your packages arrives. I will have seen the weaving so many times on my laptop and it doesn't seem quite real when it is in my home.
Just to show I haven't forgotten my first purchases, I hung two side by side this morning. I think they look pretty good together.
Just because it's something you might not have seen before, I'm attaching a photo of a little roe deer stag that visits the garden It lives back in some nearby trees and it's always a good moment when it appears.
One for the future. I like the idea of one day adding a nice example of variegation and or lazy lines to my little collection.
Take Care, DY

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