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Looks Spectacular!

Looks Spectacular! 0

One of our favorite customers sent us a photo of his most recent purchase.  He purchased this manta specifically to work with his custom made bed, inlaid with copper.  The combination of the yellow comforter topped with Master weaver Jalucie Marianito's Serape looks incredible.  He has a excellent eye.  A beautiful piece of artwork hangs above the bed - you may recognize the artist.

Thanks for sharing!

  • Beth Barth
A Bit of Fun From Nizhoni Ranch Gallery

A Bit of Fun From Nizhoni Ranch Gallery 1

As parents and grand parents of kids at home - Gail thought it might be fun to share a little Navajo Rug history through a cross word puzzle!  Fun for adults too we hope!  Please feel free to save the image (right click) and print.  All answers are on the website, so you'll need to do a bit of hunting (if one is a stumper give us a call).

Crossword Puzzle





  • Beth Barth
More From Jackson Hole

More From Jackson Hole 0

 Just spent 3 wonderful days at the Nizhoni Ranch Gallery in Sonoita AZ. We have been friends with Steve and Gail for over 30 years. They invited us to be their guests for a private house concert by Dave Stamey. It was awesome, amongst all the gorgeous Navajo weavings, baskets, Stickley furniture and antique lamps. It was an amazing magical setting. Steve and Gail were, as always, such gracious hosts and we are always blown away with the huge collection of museum quality Navajos, and Steve’s knowledge of each and every one of them. Of course, we left with a few rugs and baskets. How could we not!!! But we also left with a renewed appreciation for the quality of each piece, the love Steve has for each one, and their continued care and concern for the Navajo weavers that they support. They have founded the organization Forever Navajo to help the weavers and keep the Navajo weaving tradition alive.
Thank you, Steve and Gail for a memory of a lifetime. You are great friends.
Tom and Bobbie 

 Jackson Hole Navajo Rug and native american baskets

 Jackson Hole Navajo Rug Nizhoni Ranch Gallery


  • Beth Barth
Off to Jackson Hole Wyoming!

Off to Jackson Hole Wyoming! 0

Thanks T & B for sending us these pictures! The single and double saddle blankets look great and the Moki fits perfectly!

Nizhoni Ranch Gallery Testimonial


Nizhoni Ranch Gallery Testimonial

  • Beth Barth
Dave Stamey in the House - Private Concert Held at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery

Dave Stamey in the House - Private Concert Held at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery 1

Dave Stamey,  Cowboys and Indians Magazine has called him “the Charlie Russell of Western Music.” Western Horseman Magazine has declared his “Vaquero Song” to be one of the greatest Western songs of all time. True West Magazine named him Best Living Western Solo Musician four years in a row.

Dave Stamey has been a cowboy, a mule packer, a dude wrangler, and is now one of the most popular Western entertainers working today. He has been voted seven times Entertainer of the Year, seven times Male Performer of the Year and Five times Songwriter of the Year by the Western Music Association, and received the Will Rogers Award from the Academy of Western Artists. He’s delighted audiences in twenty three states, and finds that he prefers this to being stomped by angry horses.

In November of 2016 Dave was inducted into the Western Music Hall of Fame.


Gail and Steve Getzwiller - Nizhoni Ranch Gallery hosted a private concert  with Dave Stamey 2/25/2020.  What a wonderful event!

Dave Stamey with Baxter Black and Cindy Lou
Baxter Black with Dave and Melissa Stamey.

Dave Stamey with Kat Crockett and George Whitmil
Dave with Kat Crockett and George Whitmill


Dave Stamey - Nizhoni Ranch Gallery 2020

Dave Stamey concert and Nizhoni Ranch Gallery

Dave Stamey Concert Nizhoni Ranch Gallery

 Good Dog Dave Stamey
Buy Dave's Stamey's great album,  Good Dog!



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Nizhoni Ranch Gallery is Previewed in Native American Art Magazine

Nizhoni Ranch Gallery is Previewed in Native American Art Magazine 0



On view now at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery in Sonoita, Arizona, are approximately 50 transitional weavings that are available for purchase.

In the last part of the 19th century as trading posts began to open and lure consumers who were visiting the Western United States, there was a shift in the Native American art market from creating wearing blankets to weaving floor rugs. This period, which spanned approximately 40 years, from the 1880s to the 1910s, has become known as the transitional period with the textiles made by Navajo weavers reflecting the same name.Jellybean transitional blanket, ca. 1880s, handcrafted, hand-spun, Native wool, aniline dyes.

On view now at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery in Sonoita, Arizona, are approximately 50 transitional weavings that are available for purchase. The appointment-only gallery will highlight the work that has become recognized for its beautiful wool, out of the box designs and having an ideal price point for collectors.Transitional pictorial of medicine bags, ca. 1900, positive/negative design, hand-carded, hand-spun, hand-dyed Merino wool, aniline dyes.

Optical art Crystal transitional blanket, ca. 1900, hand-carded, hand-spun, Merino wool with aniline red dye.

“In the late 1880s, a trader by the name of J.B. Moore arrived on the reservation. He recognized there was a demand for floor rugs. Moore began working closely with weavers, influencing them to ‘transition’ from weaving blankets to weaving rugs,” says the gallery’s owner Steve Getzwiller. Moore created a catalog that included a number of designs, known as plates, that the artists would replicate or create their own variations.A circa 1900 transitional J.B. Moore Navajo rug, plate #XII with native wool on view at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery.

Included in the exhibition are several of these examples, such as a circa 1900 textile featuring plate #XII and a transitional weaving from the Crystal area that is a variant of plate #V, also from around 1900.

“Transitional rugs do have specific attributes. The wool was made from Merino and Churro sheep and other native wool,” Getzwiller explains. “The wool was hand-carded, hand-dyed with a thick/heavy spin appropriate for use on the floor. In the transitional period Navajo had access to man-made dyes in bright colors. Weavers loved the new bright colors.”Transitional Navajo textile, ca. 1900, hand-carded, hand-spun Merino wool, aniline red dye with indigo blue.

One of the major highlights of the exhibition is a jellybean transitional blanket, circa 1880s. The piece, which Getzwiller says has “outrageous color and design,” features a zigzag style pattern in oranges, reds and greens. Also in the show is an optical art Crystal transitional blanket from circa 1900 and a transitional pictorial of medicine bags from around 1900. Churro sheep pictorial, ca. 1910, hand-carded, hand-spun all-natural Churro wool.

A circa 1910 Churro sheep pictorial is another textile of note in the show. According to Getzwiller, as the pictorial is of a two-toned sheep in natural wool, “This transitional was probably a memorial weaving to the ‘old sheep’ used for weaving classical blankets.”

The exhibition will remain on view in the gallery through February 2020. —

Nizhoni Ranch Gallery
Through February 2020
Sonoita, AZ 85637
(520) 455-5020 •


  • Beth Barth
Elvie's Hits the Gallery

Elvie's Hits the Gallery 0

As always it was great getting caught up with Elvie!  She has brought us a beautiful Moki style weaving.  Very tight weave - signature Elvie.  Aniline dyed wool along with some Indigo.  


  • Beth Barth
Elsie Bia and Family at the Gallery

Elsie Bia and Family at the Gallery 0

It is always special to have a weaver come to the gallery.  Elsie brought her latest weaving.  Beautiful Old Style Chinle.  It will be up for sale in the next few days!
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That Explains It!

That Explains It! 0

We haven't been able to figure out what has been happening to our roses...  Hey, who left the gate open?!
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We Wish You the Happiest of Holidays and Joy in the New Year!

We Wish You the Happiest of Holidays and Joy in the New Year! 0

  • Beth Barth
Thank You for Sharing H.D.!

Thank You for Sharing H.D.! 0

One of our newest customers was searching for a rug that would compliment his furniture collection from around the globe, his custom doors, tile floors and his father's original artwork. 

He chose a weaving from our Exclusive Churro Collection,  Cara Yazzie Gorman's Teec Nos Pos for his floor.

Just smashing!

Navajo weaving in interior design

  • Beth Barth
End of the Rainbow

End of the Rainbow 0

  • Beth Barth