Forever Navajo

Steve and Gail have started a 501(c) (3) named Forever Navajo to support Navajo weavers and encourage the next generation to follow the family tradition.  

They are in the early stages of this new foundation yet have identified the following areas in which they wish to focus:

* Work with / assist with funding for Navajo weaving workshops for Navajo weavers
* Contact and meet with weavers to identify needs and offer support where possible
* Educate the public about the Navajo weaver and the Navajo weaving (sponsor/fund documentaries, films, articles, books, lectures)
* Identify weavers in need of health and housing assistance
* Work with health providers and other foundations or organizations to deliver assistance where it is needed  (ie - Red Feather works with Native American Communities to improve housing and living conditions)

Please stay tuned to the next chapter in Steve and Gail's devotion to Navajo weaving.