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Exhibits and Shows

Teec Nos Pos Exhibit - (February 2020 - October 2020) Nizhoni Ranch Gallery
Steve has always had special appreciation for the Teec Nos Pos design.  The design is one of the most difficult to weave aside from Bisti.  So it is no surprise Steve has collected some of the most beautiful Teec Nos Pos rugs ever woven.  Some experts agree Teec Nos Pos design, as far as quality goes hit it's peak in the late 1920's and then into the 1930's.  Let's fast forward to the 1980's.  Steve met a family of weavers, Grace Nez and her 7 daughters in the Navajo area who wove mostly the Teec Nos Pos design.  Steve began working with them to elevate the design style and quality.  When Steve re-introduced Churro wool back into the weaving world, the Nez Family hit the stratosphere.  The only limitation the Nez Family encountered was space.  Hogans are one room with low ceilings.  Steve knew if they had a place large enough to handle multiple looms the Nez weavers could all weave at the same time.  Steve also knew if the ceilings were high enough, the Nez Family could weave big rugs.  Steve and Gail helped the Nez Family build a hogan just for weaving.  Grace especially wove incredible weavings - one of her biggest was 10' x 15', which is available:
Teec Nos Pos Navajo Weaving : Grace Nez : Churro 500 : 10' x 15' - Getzwiller's Nizhoni Ranch Gallery

In Transition Exhibit - The Transitional Period 1890's - 1910 (September 2019 - February 2020) Nizhoni Ranch Gallery

Time changes life for everyone, and that’s especially true for the Navajo. During the last part of 19th century, trading posts opened up and traditional life for the Navajo began to evolve rapidly; especially when it came to Navajo weavers. It was with the changes to wool, newly available dyes, and the transition from wearing blankets to floor rugs; that gave way to this “transitional” period and thus, Transitional Rugs were born.  

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Transitional Native American Rugs on the Wall at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery


The Heard Museum exhibit COLOR RIOT !, How color Changed Navajo Textiles (April - September 2019)

We are proud to participate in this exhibit!  Some of our most visually interesting weavings are featured in this excellent show - 14 to be exact.  We hope everyone interested in Navajo weavings has an opportunity to see this exciting event!

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The Master Weavings of the Navajo Churro Collection (March 2019-August 2019)

Steve and Gail's love of Navajo weaving started as a passion for collecting, that morphed into a business and then into a gallery.  In the 1990's they started the Navajo Churro Collection - providing the weavers with Navajo Churro Wool that was custom spun and hand dyed with the finest natural and aniline dyes available.  The real artistry comes from the weavers magically putting the wefts into a spacial design - that is at times beyond belief.    

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The Timeless Treasures of Two Grey Hills 2017-2018)

Historically traders encouraged unique and signature designs for Navajo rugs in their particular area.  In the case of Toadlena and Two Grey Hills they worked to enhance marketability and cultivate regional styles.

This exhibit highlights differing phases of influence on the Navajo weaver.  Showcasing historic textiles we have collected over the years, as well as those commissioned from weavers we have worked with over the last 45 years.

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One Trader’s Legacy: Steve Getzwiller Collects the West (2017- )

Steve Getzwiller, cowboy, collector, and Indian trader-started his lifelong passion for collecting the west and Native American artifacts nearly 50 years ago, beginning as a teenager with his exposure to the Amerind Museum and mentor Charles C. Di Peso. A natural trader, he has become known for his work with weavers from the Navajo Nation. While Getzwiller has collaborated with multiple museums to present exhibitions of historic and contemporary Navajo Textiles, One Trader’s Legacy marks the first time that Getzwiller’s personal collection of rugs, paintings, pottery, baskets, Apache Material, saddles, guns and more will be on public view.

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Navajo Textiles as Modern Art (2017)

Our goal for this exhibition is to present a wide variety of Navajo textiles which represent many facets of Modern Art, from minimalism to multi-dimensional design concepts. There is always the question of what came first? Whatever the theory - The Navajo Weaver is part of the mix and was generally far ahead of their time.  Read here the article Encore! Encore! Encore! by Susan Sorg about this great show.


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Featuring selections from world-renowned collectors Steve and Gail Getzwiller, The Dazzled Eye contrasts these works of woven art with American Op Art by exploring the popularity and history of Navajo Eyedazzlers and optical weavings. This exhibition will also show how these works by Navajo weavers epitomize Navajo aesthetics and a mindfulness of movement.

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The Dazzled Eye Exhibit - Look, Learn, and Shop!


PAINTING WITH WOOL, is an historic event for Steve and Gail Getzwiller, as it is the second exhibit and sale at their own gallery. A large turn out made it a great success and the gracious presence of Elsie Bia, Master Weaver, again demonstrating at her loom, was the frosting on the cake.

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The Painting With Wool Exhibit - Look, Learn, and Shop!


Woven Holy People was an historic event for Steve and Gail Getzwiller, as it was the first exhibit and sale at their own gallery. It turned out to be a great success and so, more exhibits are planned.

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The Woven Holy People Exhibit - Look, Learn, and Shop!





Paying homage to the Navajo Nation's greatest weavers and the art from their historic past. This exhibit celebrates the Navajo Nation's Weaving Art, like no other! Historic Blankets Child's Blankets, and Serapes, early regional styles of the Navajo Nation showing the various Trading Post Regions of the Navajo Reservation.

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The Woven Nation Exhibit

EXHIBIT: Navajo Weaving in the Present Tense (2010)

Navajo Weaving in the Present Tense: The Art of Lucy and Ellen Begay is the first retrospective exhibition by Navajo weavers Lucy Begay and her only daughter Ellen Begay. Drawn primarily from the private collection of Gary Beaudoin, the exhibit features eighteen, one-of-a-kind artworks woven by Lucy and Ellen over the past twenty years.

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Navajo Weaving in the Present Tense Exhibit

Southwest Design Conference (2007)

The Southwestern Design Conference  was a special event held in 2007 in Santa Fe New Mexico - a Showcase for the best Southwestern Interior Design Ideas. It was also an offshoot of the Western Design Conference in Cody Wyoming.

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Southwest Design Conference


This exhibit was truly history in the making! The Next Phase offered a revival of woven Navajo blankets "actually Navajo Blankets"!!! for the first time, in well over 100 years!!! The entire exhibit featured Navajo Blankets woven in the style of the Classic Blankets, an accomplishment never achieved before.

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The Next Phase in Navajo Blankets Exhibit

Cody Wyoming Western Design Conference (2006)

The road to fine wearable Navajo Shawls was a slow process. Steve Getzwiller in the 1990s began working with the Marianito family and coaxed them along the path to weave finer and finer blankets. He would bring historic textiles from before the turn of the century for them to examine. Kathy Marianito and her sister-in-laws would study them and figure out how the wool was warped and the weft was laid into the weaving to build a supple blanket.

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Cody Wyoming Western Design Conference


Steve and Gail Getzwiller were very enamored with Navajo Saddle Blankets and very anxious to share their collection at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum.Following the saddle blankets through the timeline of the Navajo people reveals where some rugs were woven, what time period, and sometimes the purpose of the weaving. Saddle blankets were the last blankets the Navajo wove for themselves. Early designs reflected the simple wearing blanket elements and later designs were traceable to regions of the reservation.

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Treasures of the Navajo Horsemen Exhibit


“The Navajo Churro Collection” was part of a major exhibition at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg Arizona. The exhibition represented Steve’s accomplishments and contributions to Navajo Weaving from 1975-2000, featuring the best weaving examples resulting from the collaborative work between Steve and some of the finest Navajo weavers of our time.

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The Navajo Churro Collection Exhibit


'The Steve and Gail Getzwiller Historic Navajo Textile Exhibition at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg Arizona' 1999. Art, Artists, Dyes, Design, Earth, Energy, History, Landscape, Life, Loom, Medline, Native People, Pride, Sacred, Sheep........ NAVAJO Art & History Woven Together.... ambled from one area to the next - weaving a story of Navajo History.

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Art & History Woven Together Exhibit
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