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Style: Tree Of Life


Originating deep in the heart of Cedar Ridge, at the very northern part of the Navajo Nation, the Tree of Life weaving is an endearing, symbolic design that’s been important to the Navajo people and a favorite for those who have enjoyed pictorial rug designs for more than 150 years. Offering up some of the most iconic pieces ever developed, they perfectly balance beauty and pride with symbolism; all while deftly capturing fertility, resurrection and even creation itself.


History of Tree of Life Rugs
The Tree of Life Navajo Rug, often referred to as the Cosmic Tree.

Since their early days of the late 1800s, these weavings have often portrayed pictures of a wedding basket with a corn stalk springing forth, birds, and rainbow bars. These pictures are meant to represent progression and movement within life, as well as the connections between the Navajo, the Earth, and the Universe. 


Important Symbolism
Known for their remarkable beauty and iconic images, the fact remains that even today the Tree of Life rug design remains a meaningful symbol to the Navajo people. It’s so important, in fact, that they’ve even been the inspiration behind SandPaintings  and other artistic endeavors. A wonderful choice for celebrating the natural world and helping people reconnect and harmonize with nature, the Tree of Life is admired for its scenic designs and it’s fresh world perspective.  From the Navajo ceremonial perspective; the Blue birds are considered the messengers to the gods and rainbows represent life and all things good.


Pictorial Style
Weavers today still value what the Tree of Life rug represents and enjoy being able to share their creativity and imagination with bold colors, flourishing style and contemporary weaving. If you’re looking for a rug styling that’s not only breathtakingly gorgeous, but signifies an important tie between the Navajo and the world around them, then the Tree of Life rugs may just help you find your own connection with the world. 


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