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Style: Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug Weavings

Design patterns often associated with the Two Grey Hills weavings include a border, four matching corner elements and a large central full or belted diamond.
A timeless tradition spanning almost 100 years, Two Grey Hills weavings have long been a source of pride and quality craftsmanship using natural, un-dyed wool, boasting intricate patterns, unique to the Navajo. Each of these hand woven creations is a testament to the dedication and skill of the Navajo weavers.


History of Two Grey Hills

The story behind Two Grey Hills begins in the Chuska Mountains of New Mexico, part of the reclusive Navajo nation where this exquisite art form was born. Over time, an exclusive group of weavers, known throughout the world, have spent a lifetime honing their talents; people like Daisy Taugelchee, Bessie Manygoats, and Cora Curley. Today, these finely-woven artistic pieces maintain their beauty and style thanks to weavers using the same, hand looming process developed so long ago.  Design patterns often associated with the Two Grey Hills weavings include a border, four matching corner elements and a large central full or belted diamond. 

Blended, Natural Wool - (vintage pieces are hand-spun- Navajo Churro Collection weavings are custom spun)

By blending natural wool colors—gray, beige, cream, brown and black—together seamlessly using the time-honored method of “carding,” the Two Grey Hills weaving features beautiful, intricate patterns, and unforgettable hues you simply won’t find with manufactured products.  The perfect choice for a neutral decor.


Premium Custom Quality 

Each piece is carefully hand woven, making each thread, weave and pattern completely unique. The weft count averages between 40 and 50 per linear inch, our textiles maintain the complex designs and gorgeous coloring you’d expect from Two Grey Hills because our weavers are the original, Indigenous People 'Dine', textile artists who value tradition, quality and a personal touch.  


Rare, Unmatched Excellence

The birth of the Two Grey Hills rugs began when traders and weavers worked together in the 1920s. Today we, along with the most skilled Navajo weavers, are keeping the tradition alive by bringing these remarkable pieces to people locally, across the country, and around the world.


The Navajo are a proud people with a special talent for getting the most out of their looms, especially when you see the finished work shine through on a Two Grey Hills rug.  Supporting their works of art means supporting the Native American people and community at large, because each and every artist is a traditional weaver who has become the beacon of this amazing art form. 

Weaving is a spiritual thing for a Navajo weaver and many hours are spent not only weaving, but singing, speaking and sharing their life with the wool.  When the weaving is slipped from the loom, it is an emotional and spiritual experience that is then passed on to you.


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