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Contemporary Native American Rugs

Three master Navajo weavers at the edge of a cliff in Canyon de Chelly holding their most recent American Indian handmade rug

When it comes to historic (vintage/antique) and contemporary rug styles in Navajo rugs, there are more similarities than differences.  In fact, both maintain their authenticity because they’ve been woven using traditional wool, while using an upright loom with a continuous warp thread, the same, exclusive weaving method for Navajo weaving throughout history.

Thankfully, contemporary weavings have became a true continuation of the beautiful historic weaving art form, with contemporary weavers combining historic styles and traditional designs with their own patterns, colors and flair.

And whether you’re contemplating a 100-year old historic piece or a brand new contemporary weaving, when you choose an authentic textile created by a Navajo weaver, you’re choosing superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, and beautiful work that no machine could ever replicate.

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