Navajo rugs Interior design Ralph Lauren graces the cover of Architectural Digest and House Beautiful, and shows the whimsical way he uses Navajo weavings to grace and embrace his home, using them as rugs on the floor, wall hangings, and across the back of a couch or chair.

Top designers of today recognize the elegant beauty of the Navajo weaving and incorporate them into homes they design.  Joe Nye, named one of the top designers by Architectural Digest said of one home, "The Navajo weavings were the thread that pulled everything together.  They helped make the statement I was looking for."
Tamara Hawkinson designer and freelance writer, featured the Getzwiller's home in the 'Legends of the West' section of "The Desert Home".  Steve Getzwiller is an authority on Navajo weaving and even penned a book on the subject, 'The Fine Art of Navajo Weaving'.  "The Arts & Crafts furnishings blend easily with the Steve and Gail Getzwiller's Native American pots, baskets, and other artifacts.  Yet it is the colors and patterns of the Navajo rugs - some on the floor and others hanging on the walls that define the space." Tamara Hawkinson.  

Navajo rugs Interior design "People are interested in the rugs' decorative qualities, aesthetic value and emotional connection to the life and traditions of a distinct and fascinating culture" says David Roche, Sotheby's specialist in American Indian Art (now Director of the Heard Museum Phoenix Arizona), "There's an excitement to these textiles and a universal quality."

Navajo Weavings are also in demand for the value they represent today, yesterday, and in the future.  They sell at increasing values in auctions around the country, such as Sotheby's. "Navajo weavings will always have value, both monetary and aesthetic." says Steve Getzwiller.

The Nizhoni Ranch Gallery also offers Navajo weavings for sale by appointment at the Nizhoni Ranch Gallery in Sonoita Arizona, just south of Tucson.  Nizhoni is the place to see beautiful things. ~by Mickie Stevens