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Master Weaver: Grace Nez 1937 - 2013

Grace stands next to her magnificent Teec Nos Pos weaving held by her daughter Helene

Master Weaver: Grace Nez

March 5th 1937 – February 16, 2013
CLAN : “Where Water Meets Born for Tangle” Clan and “Bitter Water” Clan

A tribute to a wonderful lady - Master Weaver Grace Nez.


Grace was the mother of some of the most beautiful ladies and Master Weavers we know.  One of the most talented Navajo weaving families, if not “the” most talented weaving family working today!

Grace was an award winning weaver : winning Best of Show at Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial in 2005 and Best of Show at Museum of Northern Arizona; She was featured in numerous museum exhibits at Desert Caballeros Western Museum Wickenburg. Arizona.


Grace was a one of a kind lady, a Master Weaver, in so many ways. She could weave extremely large room sized rugs. She never used a sketch or diagram in her weaving process, it was all in her head, as they say.


Sometimes the rug is so large that half of it, or more than half of it had to be rolled up in order to weave the final length of the rug. She always got the design right and balanced. Being balanced is a very important part of Navajo life and Grace personified that. Luckily Grace taught her daughters Linda, Marian, Cecelia, Lena, Cindy, Berlinda, Malinda, Helene and granddaughter, Ave Tsosie, to weave as well.  Spiderwoman smiled upon this family and blessed them each as Master Weavers. 


Weavings by Grace

Grace NezGrace Nez Navajo Weaver Graze Nez Navajo Weaver

Graze Nez Navajo WeaverGraze Nez Navajo WeaverGraze Nez Navajo WeaverGraze Nez Navajo WeaverGraze Nez Navajo WeaverGraze Nez Navajo Weaver

Graze Nez Navajo Weaver

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