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Sandpainting moves to Pennsylvania…..

Sandpainting moves to Pennsylvania…..

Dear Folks,
        Gloria Bitsui’s weaving just arrived. It is more lovely than its picture. The Beauty Way beautifully represented.  Thank you all for your help, and particularly to Gail.  Please convey my genuine appreciation to Gloria, and tell her that her weaving will be loved and appreciated here on the east coast for many years. I wish her harmony and beauty for all her life. To you all  as well for what you are doing.
Yours, GM – Pennsylvania (6/20/12)
p.s.  You all are the real thing

Navajo Rug, Churro # 1241,  36″ x 52″ (1.57M x 1.32M)
Sandpainting Woven by Gloria Bitsui

This is a magnificent weaving! Look at the detail!

Navajo Rug Sandpainting hung on a wall

  Navajo Sandpainting Rug in it's new home

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