Serape Navajo Weaving : Laverta Marianito : Churro 425

As we've mentioned before about Chief Blankets, not all people come in the same size.  This serape was created for a man or a extra fluffy woman, as it measures a little over 6' in length.  When folded in down and wrapped around you, it would keep you extra warm an cozy!

This beautiful piece of art was created by Laverta Marianito in 2004 and is handsome beyond words. The deep brick red is stunning and the zig-zag and ribbon design work is spectacular.  One can't help but to appreciate the spiderwoman crosses which adorn this piece.  It was woven with hands which have been richly blessed by Spiderwoman.   

Nothing is perfect to the Navajo, and when a piece of work is exceptional, they will weave something imperfect into the piece.  One very interesting thing to notice about this piece is the light colored line through the dark central belted diamond.  Laverta placed it there intentionally. And now you know why. 

The judges at the 2004 Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial gave this handsome piece a 1st place award!

This weaving is featured in our "Master Weavings of the Navajo Churro Collection" Exhibit at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery, March 2019 and the "Master Weavings of the Navajo Churro Collection" catalog.

Style Wearables: Manta, Serape, Child
Weaver Laverta Marianito
Date 2004
Size 62″ x 73″ (1.57M x 1.85M)
Item # Churro 425
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A unique blend of history, Native American culture and storytelling make these weavings an art like no other.

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Type: Serape

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