Poncho : Navajo Weaving : Julia Upshaw : Churro 1529

Master weaver Julia Upshaw has woven a poncho serape.  Wearable art at its finest.  This poncho was woven with Churro wool and dyed with vegetal Indigo and cochineal .

Historic Poncho Serapes are one of the rarest blankets to find and one of the most valuable.  

Today only a few weavers are capable of weaving this style, and Julia is a master!   This weaving would make a significant contribution to any collection.

Style Wearables: Manta, Serape, Child
Weaver Julia Upshaw - Meet the Weaver
Date 2017
Size 78" x 57"
Item # Churro 1529
Awards:  2nd place 2017 Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial
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Type: Serape

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