Ganado - Klagetoh Large Navajo Weaving : Nora Bitsui : 2079

Klagetoh and Ganado rugs are very similar.  One can usually tell the difference between them by the background color.  Ganado has a red background, and Klagetoh's have a grey or brown background.   

Both the Klagetoh and Ganado trading posts were located near each other.  Collectors today tend to lump them together as a regional style of weaving instead of making them distinctly separate styles because there is so much overlap between the two.

In this absolutely stunning piece, Nora Bitsui has created a masterpiece.  This piece of art needs a very special place to live because of its size. It would look lovely on the floor (and would last many lifetimes if cared for properly), it would be amazing as a bed cover, it would be very functional as a game table cover, and would look magnificent hanging on the wall in your home or office. 

Style Ganado - Klagetoh - Learn More
Weaver Nora Bitsui
Date 2013
Size 7'2" x 9'7" (86" x 115")
Item # 2079

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Type: Klagatoh

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