Ganado - Klagetoh Navajo Weaving : Historic : GHT 995

Spiderwoman blessed the weaver of this spectacular piece with a great eye for detail.  When you look at this piece with a first glance you see a handsome double T as the fourth border of this piece.  Then your eyes jump to the gorgeous squash blossoms interlocked and encircling the center design.  Interwoven lightning diagonals adorn each corner.  

But step back and look closer.  The square made by each squash blossom is made with a lighter brown/gray background color.  Not much of a difference, but intentionally woven at each flower.  

Now look at the corners.  The bottom or top is the darker background color, then it steps to the lighter color used in the flower changes, and the interlock of the lightning is filled with the lighter tan color inside the squash blossom border. 

The intentional color blocking is faint and yet adds a very special depth to this amazing piece.  This piece is excellent - in color, condition, and quality. 

Style Ganado - Klagetoh 
Weaver Unknown Navajo
Date circa 1920s
Size 54″ x 89″ (1.37M x 2.26M)
Item # GHT 995
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Type: Klagetoh

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