Exhibit: 2016 - Woven Holy People

Navajo Yei and Yei Be Chei and Sandpainting Weavings,  
Navajo Textiles from the Getzwiller Collection
Exhibited at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery
February 28, 2016 - May 28, 2016

Woven Holy People CatalogWoven Holy People was an historic event for Steve and Gail Getzwiller, as it was the first exhibit and sale at their own gallery.  It turned out to be a great success and so, more exhibits are planned.

Steve and I were very pleased to be able to present this body of work by the Navajo people.  Historically and today, the Navajo weavings are an expression of the Navajo way of life and a demonstration of their culture.  Preserving the images of the Sacred Sandpaintings, Yeis, and Yei Be Chei (Yeibichai) has been a mission of many before us. 

The Exhibit displayed over 60 weavings, some historic and some contemporary.  It truly was an honor to present this body of work from the many Navajo Artists who contributed, known and unknown.  A catalog was printed to preserve the exhibit, as some pieces find new homes. Click on the catalog above and view it online. 

Elsie Bia was present at the exhibit demonstrating the Navajo weaving techniques.  Everyone who attended, if they had time, watched her even strokes of the wool and batting of the fibers.  A very meditative way to spend the day.