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Master Weaver: Frances Begay

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Master Weaver:  Frances Begay

Born : April 3, 1966
Frances Started Weaving in 1982 when she was 26 years old. Her grandmother Mary Begay taught her how to weave and her Aunt Sara Begay taught her the Crystal design.

My grandma thought I could carry on what she taught me. Weaving makes me think of tradition and spirit. I always think of my late grandmother and Aunt when I weave. They were a major influence in my life.

It is exciting to see my weavings for sale on the internet and then to see that someone appreciates what I do and buy them for their home.

Frances is an award winning Master Weaver. She has won many awards from the All Indian Inter-Tribal Ceremonial in Gallup including the prestigious Joe Ben Wheat Award. Each year at the Gallup Ceremonial, the Joe Ben Wheat Award is given for Exceptional Design. Joe Ben Wheat (1916-1997) was famous for his expert knowledge on Navajo blankets and weavings. To be honored with this award is very special.


Frances' great blessing from Spiderwoman has gifted her to create more than 109 pieces of woven art for the Navajo Churro Collection to date. She is a gifted loom artist!

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Frances Begay weaving an Eye Dazzler Navajo rug

Frances Begay weaving a Teec Nos Pos Navajo rug 


Frances Begay with her daughter and her Wide Ruin Rug
Frances with her daughter Briana
Frances Begay with her daughter Briana
Frances with her daughter Briana - just a few years later!