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Master Weaver: Malinda Nez

Malinda Nez

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Master Weaver: Malinda Nez 
Born : May 14, 1968 
CLAN : Malinda’s Clan’s are  “Where Water Meets (mother)  Tangle Clan(father).  Comanche Warrior(Nali and Bitter Water Clan (Grandparents).

Malinda Started Weaving in 1988 when she was 20 years old.  She was taught by her sisters and her mother Grace Nez 

Malinda is the main sheep herder in the Nez family.  She started weaving late in life, after her mother and 7 sisters, all award winning and highly respected Master Weavers, encouraged her to weave as well.  Malinda started to weaving smaller rugs and is now right up there with TALENT on par with the rest of the family   

Malinda says, “My favorite design is Teec Nos Pos.  Weaving is very important to me.  I really love and enjoy weaving.  I like working with the different designs and colors at go into the Teec Nos Pos.  Malinda said that her mother, Grace Nez, was a major influence in her life and her weaving. 

In other related fields of art, Malinda had experimented some with silversmithing.  She is an Award winning weaver, winning a Blue Ribbon, 1st Place, for one of her Teec Nos Pos weavings, now that is making it to the top! 


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Malinda NezMalinda NezMalinda Nez

Malinda NezMalinda NezMalinda NezMalinda Nez

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