Crystal Hero Twin Navajo Rug Weaving : Historic : GHT-536

Style Crystal
Weaver Unknown
Circa 1920s
Size 4.5" x 9'
Item # GHT-536
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Important to the Navajo emergence story are the Hero Twins - Monster Slayer who represents protective, impulsiveness and aggressive behavior, and Born of Water - representative of care, caution, preparedness.

From "When the Spirit People came upon this earth from below they made six sacred mountains, four on the distant horizon at the cardinal points and two in the centre, Chaa­li and Tza­lhnahodaa­hla­. On the eastern slope of Chin­li, brought forth as the daughter of Earth and Sky, was born Ylkaiestsan, White-Shell Woman. First Man took her to his home near Tza­lhnahoda­hla, where she matured in twelve days into a beautiful woman with supernatural powers. Later she lived in a home of her own at the foot of this mountain. It was while there that she gave birth to twinboys who became saviours of their people, slaying alien gods who were fast depopulating the earth." <you can read more of the story here

In this vintage 1920s pictorial weaving from the Crystal area, we see the Hero Twins stylized as the focal point of this design filled with flowing energy. Look at the background closely and you will see many "lazy" or sectional lines.  These are intentionally created to show fluidity and motion in the piece. This piece is filled with opposites which further enhance the HeroTwin qualities - from the black and red Greek Key border, to the hooked lightning arrows at the top and bottom of this piece.

The gorgeous background is un-dyed, expertly carded wool. All wool was hand-carded, hand-spun, and hand-dyed. 

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Type: Crystal

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