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Another Pleased Customer in Virginia

Another Pleased Customer in Virginia

We are so happy to see our weavings in our customers homes.  This weaving is part traditional Teec Nos Pos, but it incorporates Bistie curls and Red Mesa highlights.  It is just stunning.

Thanks for sharing G!

As you can see our weavings take on a whole new level of beauty when added to a home or office.  We believe the old adage "must see to appreciate" was coined by a person who collected a Navajo rug!

How this weavings looked like on our website:

Master Native American Weaver Cecelia Nez's Teec Nos Pos Navajo Rug

On a customers floor:

Master Navajo Rug weaver Cecelia Nez's Teec Nos Pos on the floor of an American Indian Rug collector's home

We LOVE it!

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  • Beth Barth
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  • George Viener
    George Viener

    I am awed by this rug and will study it and learn from it for a long time. It’s actually humbling to own it. The colors are just what I expected. So difficult to really tell in a photo.
    Here are some of the images I see: I am Jewish; the two vertical patterns are menorahs. The four horizontal images are wine cups. Ah well, Art is subjective and in the eyes of the beholder.
    I would like to acquire an Apache Lola basket with animals/people. Your literature says you sell some antiques. I was wondering if you might have one.

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