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Nizhoni Ranch Gallery Makes a Splash in Splash Magazine

Nizhoni Ranch Gallery Makes a Splash in Splash Magazine 0

Valentine’s Day Home and Garden Gift Guide Over $100 – Gifts to Enhance Your Home


Two Grey Hills Navajo Weaving by Rona Begay

Give a bespoke gift seeped in tradition with this handcrafted Native American weaving. Designed by a Navajo artist from the Two Grey Hills region using an upright loom with all-natural colored wool in warm gray and deep browns...

To read the full article

*Note: this weaving has been sold.  To view available Two Grey Hills rugs click here.

Questions? call 520-455-5020 or email

A spotlight on Zia Potter Ruby Panana

A spotlight on Zia Potter Ruby Panana 0

Zia Potter Ruby PananaRuby Panana has been a creating stunning pottery since 1983. Her pottery began winning awards from the very first time it was exhibited. Ruby's work encompasses many forms from jars, bowls, vases, wedding vases and even canteens. She produces some of the largest Zia pottery pieces.  Her works of art are painted with natural materials - clay, rocks, sand, and she creates black from wild spinach.  Her brushes are created traditionally by chewing yucca to create the perfect tool. 

Ruby's gorgeous works are on exhibit in noted Southwest galleries: The Indian Craft Shop, the Museum of Northern Arizona, and the US Department of the Interior in Washington DC.  You can find her pottery in major collections, including the Wright Museum at Harvard. 

Zia Potter Ruby PananaSteve and I wanted to share with you the beautiful works of the Zia Potter, Ruby Panana.  We are prompted by the latest edition of the Native American Art Magazine, which is featuring POTTERY.   Ruby is a wonderful person and works very hard to bring to life the clay she coils.  We hope you will enjoy the selection below and possibly find one or two, that will fit into your collection.

We are always just an email or phone call away.
Always happy to answer questions.



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Sonoita - Sawmill FIRE

Sonoita - Sawmill FIRE 0

4/26/2017  Sawmill Fire between Tucson and Sonoita - now at 40,350 acres (doubled since this morning)  Nizhoni Ranch Gallery is south of the fire and safe - keeping our fingers crossed.

Steve has been volunteering at the Fairgrounds which is Command Central for the Fire Fighters, Red Cross, sanctuary for people and animals evacuated, and etc. as you can see in the photos below.

Currently Highway 83 south to Sonoita (from I-10) is closed.  So if you have plans to visit the Gallery anytime soon, check with us on the road closures.  We are still open and operating and the delivery services are still running.  

Our internet repeater tower was destroyed and our internet service was down for 2 days.  We changed providers - so we are back up and running!

 4/27 update:  Steve went to a meeting with the Fire Control group this morning.
Next week,  the Sonoita Horse Races are scheduled. The fire has added so many complications! This will hopefully be the 102nd consecutive year that the race has run. <Everyone has their fingers crossed!> 

4/28 update:  The fire has consumed nearly 47,000 acres and is 40% contained.  The fire storm has calmed down, hopefully the winds will slow down as well, it's the key to taming this beast.

Good news! Highway 83 is open, AND the Horse Races and Kentucky Derby Simulcast WILL be held at the Sonoita Fair Grounds May 6-7.

Fire fairground staging Fire photo courtesy of Arizona Daily Star
Fire Clouds AZ Daily Star Fire horses
Steve at the Fair Grounds Fire Fighters
Hell's Gate Fire Department Fire - plane
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Native American Art Article: Modernist Weavings

Native American Art Article: Modernist Weavings 0

Modernist Weavings

NATIVE AMERICAN ART MAGAZINEThe Native American Art Magazine published a great article about our new exhibition, Navajo Textiles as Modern Art - Then and Now

You can read the full article and see photos and accompanying video here.  Please do so, and enjoy!  It's worth the read!



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San Francisco here we come!

San Francisco here we come! 0

San Francisco Tribal and Textile Art ShowThe annual San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art show is the leading Tribal art fair showcasing the arts of tribal cultures and indigenous peoples of the Americas, Asia, Oceania, Polynesia, the Middle East and Africa. 

The show presents over 80 national and international galleries, displaying museum-quality objects and artifacts in visually striking settings perfect for browsing by tribal art collectors, first-time guests and enthusiasts. This show presents the rare opportunity to find that unique object that you can bring home and enjoy.

GHT 2126 - Teec Nos Pos Chief Blanket VariantNizhoni Ranch Gallery is pleased to be one of the only galleries to represent weavings by the gifted Navajo loom artists.  If you're in the SF area, please be sure to stop by our exhibit and say Hi!  We will have some exceptional weavings for you, like this amazing 3rd Phase Chief Blanket done in a Teec Nos Pos/ Red Mesa style.  

You can purchase tickets for the event by clicking here.  The show will run Feb 10-12: Friday - Sunday 11am - 7pm (5pm on Sun)

Fort Mason Center
Festival Pavilion 
2 Marina Blvd 
San Francisco

Santa Fe and Inter-Tribal Ceremonial

Santa Fe and Inter-Tribal Ceremonial 0

Steve with Cecelia Nez picking up her and Helene’s  Weavings!
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Picturesque Canyon de Chelly

Picturesque Canyon de Chelly 0

The All Indian Inter-Tribal Ceremonial 2014 is coming up in a week. Steve will be heading up to enter weavings tomorrow.
We will let you know as soon as we do – All of the Award Winners!


PIctured above are  Elsie BiaGloria Hardy  & Cara Gorman
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