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Teec Nos Pos Gallery Show 2020

Teec Nos Pos Gallery Show 2020

Currently at the Gallery
We have filled the walls with some of our favorite Native American Teec Nos Pos weavings. Check out the video above.  To view all Teec Nos Pos available click here.

History of Teec Nos Pos Rugs
Widely considered to be the most intricate and detailed of all Navajo rug designed, Teec Nos Pos Rugs offer a truly exceptional and distinct look. Named after a location important to the Navajo, this “Ring of Cottonwood Trees” has produced two distinct styles that have both long been influenced by the tightly-woven, brightly-colored Persian rugs of the Middle East. Large, bold and colorful, Teec Nos Pos boast a weaving unlike any other. Located in the northeast corner of Arizona, Teec Nos Pos rugs rose to prominence in 1905, spinning off of J.B. Moore’s Crystal Weaving Style. Since that time, Teec Nos Pos rugs have most often displayed one of two unique stylizations—one boasting elaborate geometric motifs and the other a collection of zig zag patterns with distinct borders. The zigzag patterns being the only designs to be carried forward from the pre-1900 blanket designs.

Elegant Patterns
The most amazing aspect of Teec Nos Pos rugs is the fact that weavers working in this area, were some of the most technically skilled weavers working on the Navajo reservation at this time. Traditional weavers often create the finished rug simply from a vision they have in their head and rarely from something drawn to paper. This unique choice lets the adventurous spirit, instinct and beauty of the Navajo culture shine through with each hand woven expression of art.

Unmatched Artistry
Navajo weavers are still using the same longstanding techniques passed down from generation to generation, even as it comes to shearing and cleaning wool, carding, dyeing and hand spinning. That’s why Nizhoni Ranch Gallery rugs feature an array of colors seen nowhere else in contemporary Navajo weaving, allowing weavers to deftly capture shapes, images, designs and styles.

Skillful Complexity
The Navajo that create the Teec Nos Pos rugs for the Nizhoni Ranch Gallery are highly-experienced weavers and craftsmen that perfectly balance the fineness of each woolen strand with the tightness of the weave. This allows highly-detailed patterns to shine through on each piece without sacrificing comfort, durability or overall artistry. In fact, the amount of work that goes into each of these handmade Navajo rugs means that every single one is completely unique. Some weavings can take up to 2 years to create on the traditional loom. NRG supports and encourages each weaver to work as long as it takes to accomplish their masterpieces.

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  • Beth Barth