Trip to the Navajo Reservation

January 11, 2017

Trip to the Navajo Reservation

We stopped at Kathy Marianito's to pick up some of the weavings. This one is Julia Upshaw's Mokie Serape. Julia's weaving is sure a pretty one, you should check it out Churro 1498

Gallup Inter Tribal Ceremonial

Steve taking the opportunity to relax before checking in the weavings! Gallup Inter-Triabal Ceremonial 2016

Cara and Steve

Steve stopped by to visit with Cara Gorman. No weavings to pose with this trip as we had entered all of them at Gallup Inter- Tribal Ceremonial.

Future Weavings

A fitting end to our trip. We spotted some Future Weavings as we left Canyon de Chelly.

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