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Classic Navajo Rug and Sandpainting move to England

Classic Navajo Rug and Sandpainting move to England

I don’t regard Steve and Gail as rug dealers. They belong to a hopelessly addicted community found all over the world called Rugfreaks Anonymous who fall prey to these beautiful handcrafted stories of tribes and cultures and their history which link us to a vanishing heritage. As with most devotees they fall on their knees at the mere sight of these heavenly objects feeling and caressing every warp and weft which endows them with their mystical power.  Steve has one of the finest collections of saddle blankets in the world which he jealously guards, teasing those like me who are lost to the addiction. Take it from a fully–paid up member of RA- go and see them. You don’t have to buy. Just feel the stories these pieces convey through their exquisite weave and enjoy the most gracious Western hospitality!

Alain C. – UK

Alain C. – UK

Navajo Rug   

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