NRG: Navajo Style in Interior Design

Navajo rugs Interior design Ralph Lauren graces the cover of Architectural Digest and House Beautiful, and shows the whimsical way he uses Navajo weavings to grace and embrace his home, using them as rugs on the floor, wall hangings, and across the back of a couch or chair.

Top designers of today recognize the elegant beauty of the Navajo weaving and incorporate them into homes they design.  Joe Nye, named one of the top designers by Architectural Digest said of one home, "The Navajo weavings were the thread that pulled everything together.  They helped make the statement I was looking for."

Tamara Hawkinson designer and freelance writer, featured the Getzwiller's home in the 'Legends of the West' section of "The Desert Home".  Steve Getzwiller is an authority on Navajo weaving and even penned a book on the subject, 'The Fine Art of Navajo Weaving'.

"The Arts & Crafts furnishings blend easily with the Steve and Gail Getzwiller's Native American pots, baskets, and other artifacts.  Yet it is the colors and patterns of the Navajo rugs - some on the floor and others hanging on the walls that define the space." Tamara Hawkinson.  

Navajo rugs Interior design "People are interested in the rugs' decorative qualities, aesthetic value and emotional connection to the life and traditions of a distinct and fascinating culture" says David Roche, Sotheby's specialist in American Indian Art (now Director of the Heard Museum Phoenix Arizona), "There's an excitement to these textiles and a universal quality."

Navajo Weavings are also in demand for the value they represent today, yesterday, and in the future.  They sell at increasing values in auctions around the country, such as Sotheby's. "Navajo weavings will always have value, both monetary and aesthetic." says Steve Getzwiller.

The Nizhoni Ranch Gallery also offers Navajo weavings for sale by appointment at the Nizhoni Ranch Gallery in Sonoita Arizona, just south of Tucson.  Nizhoni is the place to see beautiful things. --Mickie Stevens

Design with A Southwest Focus

Navajo Rug Interior Design One of the most important things to consider when designing with Southwest area rugs is that different rug designs look wonderful when mixed together. With their bold, geometric designs, you might first assume that Southwest area rugs would "clash" with one another. Instead, Navajo rugs and weavings look warm and beautiful when used in multiples.

Picture a large, rustic living room with a hardwood or even a stone floor. Imagine several Southwest area rugs in different designs scattered across the floor for warmth and beauty, and another hand-woven Navajo rug hung on the wall. A room like this is the perfect backdrop for every type of activity, from family game nights to romantic evenings in front of the fire. It's also an ideal setting for housing other art works, from stained glass to sculpture to other Navajo pieces such as basketry or pottery. Navajo rugs and other weavings offer qualities few other design items can match. They are timeless and durable. They are tranquil and even spiritual. Plus, well-made rugs usually appreciate in value over time, making them excellent family heirlooms. They are an investment you can enjoy from the moment they arrive in your home.  

Interior Design Elegance

Navajo Indian rugs create a great decorative "balance." For example, woven Navajo pieces feature a masculine geometry, balanced by a feminine intricacy. Navajo rugs often use deep, rich colors that balance earthy warmth with understated reserve. Finally, Navajo rug designs and hues offer the perfect balance of playfulness with gravity. Lively yet dignified; warm yet serene; masculine yet feminine--is it any wonder these versatile rugs create such a sense of tranquility and harmony? That is what the Navajo are all about harmony, balance is one of the desired states and their ceremonies are designed to bring balance and harmony to all participants.

Navajo rugs and wall hangings look amazing in a variety of spaces and alongside numerous decorative styles, but they look especially beautiful when paired with other earthy, natural materials. For instance, a hand-woven Navajo rug would look terrific near a leather couch. A rich, luxurious shade of chocolate, tobacco, or cognac leather would work beautifully with the deep reds, grays, and blues of traditionally styled Navajo Indian rugs.

In addition to leather, Navajo rugs look fabulous against wood, stone, or brick. Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and design movements like the American Arts and Crafts movement relied heavily on Native American designs and materials. Today, Navajo weavings can make everything from a stark office to a stone, stained glass and wood living room look simultaneously more important, warm, and inviting. Adding just a single piece to your home or office will add great beauty; decorating with multiple pieces will absolutely transform the space.

Navajo Rug Interior Design

Interior Design Services

Steve and Gail Getzwiller have helped many clients with interior design ideas using Navajo rugs and other Native American art forms. They are experts in making all elements in a room balance. Both have a great respect for negative space, which also shows in the Navajo weavings Steve designs. Their own home is a masterpiece of interior design, which has been featured on Home and Garden Television's "Homes Across America." It features Navajo weavings, including historic, Churro, and "The Next Phase Blankets"; Arts and Crafts furnishings; and more. It is beautifully balanced, historically significant, and spiritually uplifting all at the same time.


Steve has been known to load his vehicle up with rugs and baskets and travel to a client's home, whether that's in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, California, or elsewhere. Once there, he will assess the home's strengths and then try different weavings and accent pieces in place, all to make a very beautiful and comfortable living space. This is always fun, as the possibilities are vast. Plus, having the opportunity to try different looks in your home is an adventure in itself!


There are a limited number of rugs posted on the website, so please contact us to let us know what you're looking for in a piece and we can send you images of available weavings. All weavings have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Of course, you are invited to come to Sonoita in person and have our full inventory at your disposal and the opportunity to see and hold these historic/antique and contemporary rugs. The gallery is uniquely set up in a home setting you you can see what pieces will look in a home and inspire you with design ideas!

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