Sandpainting Navajo Weaving : Anita Tsosie : LB-1

Woven by Master Weaver Anita Tsosie, this Sandpainting weaving won a Blue Ribbon at the 1995 O’odham Tash All Indian Fair. It has commercial dyes and of course is very tightly woven.  Extremely well known, Anita won Best of Show at Santa Fe Indian Market for her Sandpainting Weaving depicting the Sky People in 2004. She also won first place in the textile division at the 2002 and 2003 Santa Fe Indian Markets 

This piece was featured in our Woven Holy People gallery exhibit.  You can see the exhibit program guide here


The daughter of Little Harvey and Jessie (White) Harvey, Anita was born on March 10, 1959 in Sweetwater, Ariz. Anita was a well known and respected weaver throughout the world. Her rug work had been featured in the Cortez Journal, the Arizona Highway Magazine and Native People’s Magazine, as well as various other publications.

Anita won numerous awards for her beautiful work, including 2 Best of Show Awards at the Annual Santa Fe Indian Market for her Sandpainting Weavings, an impressive feat considering the fact she is believed to be only the second weaver to receive the award in Indian market’s 83-year history.

Anita became interested in weaving when she was a young child, after hearing the stories her mother told about her grandmother. She was the third generation of women in her family to take up the craft. She specialized in Navajo Sandpainting Weavings. Those familiar with her work know she was very dedicated to it. Her Sandpainting Weavings would take approximately 2 years to weave.

We are pleased to offer one of her earlier works from 1995 which is also a Blue Ribbon winner from O’odham Tash.

Style Sandpainting
Weaver Anita Tsosie
Date 1995
Size 70″ x 84″ (1.77M x 2.133M)
Item # LB-1
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Type: Sandpainting

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