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Exhibit: 2010 - Navajo Weaving in the Present Tense

The Art of Lucy and Ellen Begay

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles
February 16 – May 2, 2010

Navajo Weaving in the Present Tense: The Art of Lucy and Ellen Begay is the first retrospective exhibition by Navajo weavers Lucy Begay and her only daughter Ellen Begay.

Drawn primarily from the private collection of Gary Beaudoin, the exhibit features eighteen, one-of-a-kind artworks woven by Lucy and Ellen over the past twenty years.

The Begay's work, deeply integrated into their traditional lifestyle, is strongly rooted in and draws inspiration from what has become known as the Burntwater Navajo rug weaving style, one of the last regional styles to evolve in the mid-20th century.

Steve Getzwiller has worked with Ellen and Lucy since the early 1980s and has always encouraged and supported their work. His support enabled them to weave the best quality weavings – both in design and color. He helped to provide them with the finest hand dyed Churro wool for their weavings (which can take up to a year to weave) for the past 15 years. Their weavings are highly detailed, fine, and tightly woven.

Exquisite is one word that might describe their talent!   

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Lucy and Ellen with a Three Turkey Ruin Style weaving.
The colors were a trademark of their extended family.