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Master Weaver: Berlinda Nez Barber

Berlinda Nez


Master Weaver: Berlinda Nez
From:  the Shiprock Area of the Navajo Nation

CLAN: “Where Water Meets Born for Tangle” Clan and “Bitter Water” Clan, Her Nali is Comanche Warrior. 


Berlinda started Weaving in summer of 1990 when she was1 4 years old.  She was taught by her Mother, Grace Nez.   

Several Berlinda’s weavings were exhibited in several exhibitions at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg, AZ. 

Berlinda is from a famous and talented family of weavers, her mother and 7 sisters are all award winning and highly respected Master Weavers.  Berlinda, “I have no favorite styles of weaving, they all turn out wonderful and incredibly beautiful.  Weaving is hard and takes a lot of thought and time, you need time!  But weaving is also a lot of fun!” 

Berlinda says, “I think the most exciting part of my work is when a weaving is completed.  You look at the work done and know that I did that!  The rugs are beautiful, they always are.  My mom, Grace Nez, was always my influence and my sister Lena too, because they did and do large rugs.  My sister Helene is also an inspiration to me because she does sandpainting rugs.  There are designs I would still like to weave, yes.  I moved off the Navajo Reservation for 12 years and then moved back.  I have a family of my own and hope to weave more now and see some of my designs come to life.”