Master Weaver:  Cara Yazzie Gorman


Cara Gorman






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Born :  August 11, 1961
“Tangle People Clan” – “Water Edge” ;  My Grandpa   Tabaaha-  Live Near the Stream ; Father side -  Near Water – Tohana;  Mom’s – Coyote Pass

Cara has won numerous awards at the Gallup All Indian Inter-Tribal Ceremonial  and has had many of her weavings exhibited at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg, Arizona.

Cara was taught to weave by her Grandma, Nabaglenabah Tsosie – down in Canyon de Chelly near the Spider Rock area.

“I like to weave and I like to put design and colors together…. Keep on the traditions of weaving.  I like working with Steve – I am happy I met him.”  Cara said.  “All of my daughters are weaves and Harriet's daughter – Alondra Bizahalni – my grand- daughter is also starting to weave.”


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