Master Weaver: Judy Marianito

Judy Marianito

Born :
November 18,1955
CLANS: Water Edge born into One Who Walks Around

Judy Started Weaving in 1986 when she was 31 years old.  She was taught by her older sister Lucie Marianito.  All of my sisters weave and I believe are famous.  My mom, Laverne Marianito, was a major influence for me.

My Favorite design is the 1st and 2nd Phase Chief Blanket.  Weaving is part of my life and keeps me going.  I like to think that there are people that like my weavings, appreciate the work and enjoy the beauty of it.

Judy comes from a very long line of prominent weavers going back several generations.  They are also descendants of the famous Headman Manuelito and his wife Juanita.  Juanita was thought to be one of the very best blanket weavers of the 1870s and 80s.  Manuelito, the famous Chief who helped to negotiate the Navajo return to their homeland in 1868.  She and her sisters are the only ones working today that are able to accomplish the technical quality of the wearing blankets of the Classic Period.

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