Style: Pictorial Rugs

The Navajo people are more than just unmatched craftsman, they’re also storytellers that can weave tales of courage, historic deeds and wondrous imagination into the very fabric of their Pictorial Rugs.


From timeless landscapes to traditional celebrations to large, geometric designs, Navajo weavings are truly a joy to experience. They deftly capture the imagination by capturing the past, present and future in stunning, colorful detail. Be it stories of old or today’s pop culture, Navajo weavers create masterful works of art that represent a wide range of life’s most precious experiences.


History of Pictorial Rugs

Crafted to tell the stories of a people rich in historical significance, Pictorial Rugs have long allowed the Navajo to share everything from common motifs, such as feathers, animals, and locations, to things that hold personal value to the individual weaver. Made sparingly before the 1940s, they’ve become major collector’s pieces since the 1970s.


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Vibrant Landscapes and Motifs
Many of the scenic Pictorial weavings are made using bold colorations with a distinct stylish flair, from blue skies and vivid pine trees to the red cliffs of New Mexico. Pictorial weavings are an important connection between the Navajo cultural beliefs, heritage and their love for a beautiful art form.


An Artistic Rarity

It’s important to know that every Pictorial rug is not only handmade, it’s created from the memory and vision of the individual weaver. As no two people see an object, person, place or thing exactly the same, no two rugs will ever be exactly the same—even when made by the same person. Images depicted by the artist are carefully designed through laborious work, and only after many hours of thought, mathematics, balance of design and color, can the image begin to take shape and be shared.


Whimsical, Breathtaking and Imaginative

For generations, the Navajo have chosen specific patterns, pictures, shapes and designs to tell stories, share history and create memories using innovative Pictorial rug weaving practices. Today, you’ll find that Nizhoni Ranch Gallery weavers offers Navajo weavings with landscapes, sacred imagery and unique designs with bold use of color, natural wool and unmatched imagination.


Whether you’re looking to share in their stories or simply enjoy their art style, there’s nothing like the hand made, stunning and unusual quality you’ll find at the Nizhoni Ranch Gallery.

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