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Press: Phoenix Home and Garden - Helen Nez weaving seen - March 2015

While enjoying Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine Gail recognized a familiar weaving. What a nice surprise to see a weaving by Helene Nez displayed so beautifully.
Helene's weaving "Churro 344" was finished in 2002.
Look'n Good.

In recent years, the efforts of a few dedicated breeders have revived the Churro genetics and fleece quality. However, the circle was not complete, as the wool wasn’t getting into the hands of Navajo weavers. The most successful effort to reintroduce Churro wool to the Navajo loom was accomplished by native Arizonan, Steve Getzwiller. He set out to revive some of the older design elements as well as some rare and natural dyes. The reintroduction of Churro wool brought those lustrous qualities back to the finished weavings, completing the circle and reconnecting some of the weavers with their past. “The Navajo Churro Collection” was born.