High Praise from South Carolina

Good Afternoon Steve, Gail & Robin –

Sorry for being a few days behind in responding to friends & family, but we got snowed in while visiting our Grandchildren in Ohio & it put us a few days late in returning to South Carolina.

I want to extend the most sincere thanks to Robin and everyone else involved in helping me with my purchase of 2 weavings – Churro 1440: Frances Begay; and 1997: Sarah Watson.

They were folded & packed with great care and I especially appreciate the booklet the gives the story behind the weavings – from the sheep to the weavers / artists themselves.

They are both even more beautiful in person than they look on your web-site and will be hung in our home places where they can be seen & enjoyed by friends & family, but also being mindful of preserving their beauty by keeping them out of direct or harsh sunlight.

To Steve – thank you for your part in keeping the Navajo spirit & traditions alive and available to those of us who live outside your geographical area.

To Robin – thank you for your excellent communications with me during the purchase process.

I look forward to working with you all again in the future; but in the mean time, blessings to each of you and all that you do to help preserve the spirit and traditions of the Navajo people.

With Sincerest Thanks and Gratitude,

John B
Columbia, SC

Dragon Fly Yei has flown the coop and landed in a great new home!

Looks great doesn’t it.  A real find.  Thanks for all your help. P b

Dragon Fly Yei

Hello from the United Kingdom.

The rugs are every bit as beautiful as I imagined. Photographs cannot show the true skill of the weaver, the texture and detail of the weaving. I have looked at the rugs so many times online and it doesn’t seem quite real that they are here with me. I am happy with all my choices. Each has its own qualities: Sarah Howe’s bold, geometric design, Darlene Yazzi’s use of the lovely natural dyes and the vibrant blues in Betty Yazzi’s matched pair. Above all, I am full of admiration for their skill, craft and dedication.



Kindest Regards to everyone at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery, D. United Kingdom

Nez weaving finds the perfect home.

Hello to all  Here is a photo of the new work in situ. As the Aussies would say, “No worries about the location”. The door is NNW facing and the patio is totally covered. No direct sunlight on the piece at any time. We have commercial shades which cover almost every window in the house. They provide about 95 percent UV protection. Having had textiles for over 40years, we do know how to protect them.
Hope all are well. – Bs – New Mexico
Navajo Rug

The Sisters refuse to stop partying at the Bs Home

Steve,  The package from Nizhoni Ranch arrived today and as soon as Palik Mana Katsina came out of the box she and her sister started partying. When some of the Kachinas in the house started to hum, the Rainbow Yei rug leapt out of the box and the figures began to dance! It is pretty wild here right now and I think we will have to institute a curfew.  I can definitely affirm that we will keep both rugs.
 Thank you again and hope all are well. Bs – New Mexico


Hi to Steve, Gail and Robin,
My rug just came and I love it.  I can’t wait until my husband comes home and we hang it on the wall.
I hope to do business with you guys again in the future.  Next year will be our 40th wedding anniversary and a great time to buy a rug for the floor.

It Looks Great!!  The rug just looks wonderful -much better in person.
Even this picture I sent doesn’t do it justice.

Thanks so much, C.O – Kentucky – May 2014


Dear Steve & Gail
Geraldine Phillips weaving has found a perfect place in our home in Montana.
We are thrilled!                              Thank you. B – June 2014

 testimonial page


Steve, Gail and Robin:

Have received the Navajo J.B. Moore Crystal Transitional Blanket,
love it and will be keeping it. The fineness of the weave,
the wool and the pattern are truly special.   

Summer here reminds me why I don’t move to your area full time…… D.S. – Illinois – June 2014

From our Collection to Yours…

Dear Steve,

The blankets arrived Saturday no problem….

They are even more beautiful than I remember. The craftsmanship, the feel and the colors truly represent a period of time in history that cannot be duplicated. Each weaving is a Work of Art and I shall appreciate their uniqueness for as long as I am privileged to care for them.

  Thank you for collecting, preserving and passing on pieces of the “Real American Art” form.

Until I visit again — Regards,  R – California

ght 2010 Fred Harvey Late Classic Serape





January 2014

Navajo Rugs in Home

The beautiful Navajo Child’s Blanket with the spider hole we acquired from you is carefully being watched over by Spider Woman.


Churro 1308 by Kathy Marianito

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to your ranch home and gallery. We are happily enjoying all your rugs and will email you pictures of them, as well as some other pieces we have collected over the years.

Thank you again for your graciousness and for letting us take so much of your Saturday morning that day.

Best wishes
T and L


A room with a great view! Red mesa
GHT 2042

Steve & Gail,
Here is the Storm/Red Mesa on  one of our bedroom walls. What a weaving!!
J & C
California, December 2013

Kind Words from a client.  November 2013


It’s common for us to visit your website almost daily, or maybe every other day.  We frequently remark how much you’re doing for the weaving tradition, and for the community of weavers working hard to keep the tradition alive.  Though we only very infrequently buy a textile woven within the last 10-20 years, and then almost exclusively Two grey Hills, I just wanted to tell you how grateful we are, and the community ought to be – and talking to most folks it is – to you for helping the weavers and supporting their art. 
You are contributing enormously to the culture of the Southwest.  

Warmest good wishes to you and Gail, and your family, for Thanksgiving. 

P & B

1806 : Sandpainting : Mother Earth/ Father Sky
Zonnie Gilmore


Steve & Gail,
The rug just arrived. It is completely awesome. I am so glad! Thank you also for all the documentation. 
It will prove to be a joy for many years to come!!
Best wishes,     May 3012

A VERY HAPPY COUPLE   California, April 2013


The box arrived yesterday in great shape, and J and I spent last evening approving — admiring in wonder would be a more accurate description — all of the rugs.

We thank you again for your exemplary service, and marvelous collection.  I’m especially impressed by your website, both for the extent of the weavings displayed, and the high resolution of the photos, which makes it much easier to decide on possible purchases.  We look forward to future browsing, and to another visit to your gallery. 

Best wishes,  M    


Two Grey Hill finds home in Massachusetts

Hi Gail/Steve,
I/we are just floored by the extraordinary beauty AND remarkable quality of this Cara Gorman weaving. It’s truly a complete marvel. Thank you SO much for holding it for us!

I could buy a weaving a day and not be satisfied. they are really amazing, when they are amazing, and THIS WEAVING IS amazing! Thank you for the valuation. that REALLY helps me and was very gracious of you!! Thank you for the beautifully written provenance paperwork, which my insurance company will be VERY happy to see.

Honestly, to own this feels like owning a piece of the Dine spirit,. I’ve never felt about a weaving as I do about this one, even though we are lucky to have purchased some really remarkable and special weavings, but there is a spirituality to this weaving that strongly emanates from it. Is that what “Two Grey Hills” are about, or is it just a name for a location?

thank you, thank you, and thank you!!

Naturally, we look forward to doing much more business with you.
best wishes always,
F & J – Massachusetts

Two Grey Hills Cara Gorman Navajo Weaving

Churro # 1278  2nd Place – Two Grey Hills : 2012 Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial
3 x 5 Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug,  Master Weaver Cara Gorman

Two Grey Hill travels to Ohio

Hello Steve and Gail,
We received Cara Gorman’s Two Grey Hills weaving today. (yesterday was a holiday-no mail) Wow! It is such a beautiful example of woven art. The weaving is so fine and tight, and the design is just perfectly woven. It really is a masterpiece, as I imagine all of her weavings are. Of course, the natural churro wools are our favorite color combinations. Please extend our thanks to Cara for creating such a wonderful weaving, we will treasure it in our home!

Thank you too, Steve and Gail, for your quick attention to our purchase, the free shipping, and the Western Art magazine. We really appreciate the personal touch you give to your business. It is a real pleasure to be able to purchase such treasures from you and the Navajo weavers!

Thank you again, and enjoy the coming springtime.
Sincerely, J&C – Idaho

P.S. The weavings you have are very impressive!
By the way, I was reading the article about the ranch gallery in the
magazine that you sent. Your home is definitely a beautiful place!
I was happy to read about your work with Navajo Churro sheep. We have a breeder here in Idaho and I buy wool from her. I am trying to learn Navajo weaving on my own, using natural Churro yarn. I certainly have a huge respect for your weavers!
Thank you for everything again, I will hopefully be looking for another weaving after the first of the year.

1262 Two-Grey-Hills-Navajo Rug


Collector rides the Navajo Reservation

Dear Steve,
The weaving is stunning! I love it completely!
Many Thanks, J.H. (Washington, November 2012)
and a short message about my ride all over the Navajo Reservation…..with a photo of me and Penny, my great Paint in Canyon de Chelly – loved it all so much! 

Just a short message about my recent 8 days riding the
Navajo Reservation.It was a dream to camp and ride completely thru the Canyon de Chelly,Monument Valley and Navajo Mountain community.I felt right at home there and met a nice nurse (I am a nurse too so we had a lot in common!) there who taught me some Navajo words (I love you in Navajo and how to make “fry bread’.I’ve sent her some old books I have found from the 30’s about the reservation.It truly was such a great adventure galloping fast up the windy dirt roads on the “Rez”.I plan to mail the final payment around November 16(Friday) and I am hoping
you will send 2 of the wood pieces that hold the weaving.I will plan
to hang it sideways so I will need the 2 of them to nail in the wall
to keep it up side to side.And I wish to thank you for allowing me to
purchase on layaway these 2 beautiful pieces of art.They truly are
gorgeous!!!I feel truly blessed with them.I will enjoy them all the
more now that I have really been to the communities where they are
made.Again,thanks for helping me be able to pay for them slowly. Much appreciation to you both, J.H.

Navajo Horse at Canyon de Chelly

Klagetoh knows the Way To San Jose………

Gail, Aye,………     It arrived yesterday, and I’m very pleased with the rug and the printed extras.  Now it’s up to The Boss on Sunday…

Dear Gail and Steve, ………     Thank you for your efforts in making our Anniversary morning a delightful success!  J… is very happy with the rug, and I’m in full agreement with you that the photos don’t do it justice.  (A special thanks for inscribing your book for us!)  In sum, you can say that #2015 knows the way to San Jose — and three years early, too.
Best wishes, and thanks again,
M.D……… (California – September 2012)

2015 Klagetoh Native American Indian Textile


Two Grey Hill / JB Moore Variant moves to Paris France…..

Hi Steve,
 I am so happy with the rug!   It is very lovely and very finely woven.  I am very pleased. 

Thank you for the piece of underlay and information you sent and for all your help.
Best regards, PK…  (Paris, France – August 2012)

Antique Navajo Rug Two Grey Hill


Navajo Wall Hanging for the Newlyweds…..

Hello Gail, Please use our photo! We are flattered! and we just LOVE our churro!!! The colors are perfect and I absolutely love the horses in the clouds!  Such a beautiful piece of Art & we will always treasure!
All my best,  AH & NW… (Colorado July 2012)
    Navajo Rug Pictorial with Horses - Wedding Gift          1st Churro Navajo Rug sealed with a kiss

                 The Best Wedding Gift                                                 Sealed with a Kiss  

Sandpainting moves to Pennsylvania…..

Dear Folks,
        Gloria Bitsui’s weaving just arrived. It is more lovely than its picture. The Beauty Way beautifully represented.  Thank you all for your help, and particularly to Gail.  Please convey my genuine appreciation to Gloria, and tell her that her weaving will be loved and appreciated here on the east coast for many years. I wish her harmony and beauty for all her life. To you all  as well for what you are doing.
Yours, GM – Pennsylvania (6/20/12)
p.s.  You all are the real thing

Navajo Rug, Churro # 1241,  36″ x 52″ (1.57M x 1.32M)
Sandpainting Woven by Gloria Bitsui

This is a magnificent weaving! Look at the detail!

Navajo Rug Sandpainting hung on a wall

  Navajo Sandpainting Rug in it's new home

Teec Nos Pos moves to Florida

The rug arrived this morning. It is more beautiful than I expected!
Thanks a lot, Emily V… Florida  (3/9/12)
Churro 1173 Cara Gorman : Teec Nos Pos : 4′ x 6′ FIRST PLACE BLUE RIBBON for “Teec Nos Pos” BEST OF CATEGORY:
“Teec Nos Pos / Ganado / Storm / Klagetoh / Raised Outline”

Navajo Rug, Churro # 1173, Teec Nos Pos, woven by Cara Gorman, 2011 Award Winner

Child’s Blanket finds a home in Kentucky

Hi Gail/Steve,
I just got the blanket. It is even prettier that the photo. I was pleasantly surprised at how light it was. One day I will get a chief’s blanket, hopefully with very fine wool.  One of my neighbors really made over how lovely it is and said I should hang it immediately. I will hang it but first I just want to handle it, and maybe put over my shoulders while watching the evening news.  By the way, I have decided that I have too many weavings in this style and the next purchases will be in a different style–like Chinle Wide Ruins. You get the idea.
Again, great service and a beautiful weaving.
Larry H…. Kentucky (2/16/12)

Churro Registry 1052 Evelyn Yazzie Navajo Child's Blanket

Churro 1052 : Evelyn Yazzie Child’s Blanket : 26″ x 48″

Churro Registry 1052 Evelyn Yazzie Navajo Child's Blanket


Old Style Ganado joins Child’s Blanket in KY

Thank you. You and Steve are so nice and so helpful, and have such a great collection of weavings, why would anyone go to any other website? I eagerly await my blanket. I am not a child, but I may wrap it around myself in the evenings, especially when it is cold. I still don’t understand why anyone would want any other kind of rug when they can have a beautiful Navajo rug, or blanket, or serape, etc. They just don’t know any better.
Larry H….. Kentucky (2/9/12)

Gail and Steve,
I received my latest purchase (Churro 966: Old style Ganado by Louise Reed) about 20 minutes ago. It is beautiful, just as you told me it would be. It looks even better than it did in the photo on your web site. Now I will spend some time just admiring and handling it while I decide on which wall to place it.  On whichever wall I place the rug, it will be surrounded by photos taken in Canyon de Chelly last year. One of which will be of Spider Woman.  If things work out I hope to travel to New Mexico and Arizona this coming fall. If that happens I hope to visit your gallery.  Again, a lovely rug. Right now I can’t decide which rug to order next, even if that decision is several months in the future.
Larry H..  Kentucky

Navajo Rugs Migrate to Maine

Gail and Steve,   They arrived!
Thoughtfully and carefully folded and packed… thank you. And they are absolutely beautiful… and I love the smell and the texture of the yarn… a veritable feast of loveliness!

Each has a unique look/feel befitting the choices and talents of the artists – love them all. Thank you for including the Velcro, the thoughtful binder with each weaving’s provenance, and the book signed by you and Steve (which I will enjoy reading by the fire this evening). We feel fortunate to be able to have such beautiful works in our home where they will be displayed in a place of honor and truly admired and appreciated.

In a disposable, plastic world of Walmarts and Made-in-China this is a reminder of the beauty that can be created by such talented (native) American artists.

We would appreciate your sharing our “heartfelt thanks” and appreciation with the artists themselves – we are honored to be the caretakers of their wonderful work.
Hope to see you this winter – will be sure to call ahead.

Regards,  Dave Z.- Maine

Navajo Churro Collection Teec Nos Pos 1152   http://navajorug.com/html/navajo-churro-collection/images/1185D1.jpg   http://navajorug.com/html/navajo-churro-collection/images/DSC08351.JPG  http://www.navajorug.com/rugs/images/1615L.gif    http://navajorug.com/html/images/DSC08155_000.JPG


Classic Navajo Rug and Sandpainting move to England

I don’t regard Steve and Gail as rug dealers. They belong to a hopelessly addicted community found all over the world called Rugfreaks Anonymous who fall prey to these beautiful handcrafted stories of tribes and cultures and their history which link us to a vanishing heritage. As with most devotees they fall on their knees at the mere sight of these heavenly objects feeling and caressing every warp and weft which endows them with their mystical power.  Steve has one of the finest collections of saddle blankets in the world which he jealously guards, teasing those like me who are lost to the addiction. Take it from a fully–paid up member of RA- go and see them. You don’t have to buy. Just feel the stories these pieces convey through their exquisite weave and enjoy the most gracious Western hospitality!

Alain C. – UK

Navajo Rug   Navajo Rug

 Two Grey Hills Moves to Colorado

Hi Steve,  Received the Two Grey Hill this morning. Stunning really. Exceeded my expectations. Please pass on my compliments to Cecelia. It may take my check book a little time to recover but you definitely have a repeat customer.
Best,   S.W. Golden, Colorado

Cecilia Sandman Award Winning Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug

Churro 1184 Cecelia Sandman : Toadlina Style Two Grey Hills All natural Churro Wool Colors
41″ x 57″ Red Ribbon Winner 2009 Gallup Inter Tribal Ceremonial

Yei Vegetal finds a new home in Colorado

Hi Steve,  The weaving arrived safe and sound- it’s great!!– I guess I’ll keep it.   We hung it this afternoon on the wall in the master bedroom where it’s now flanked by Pablita Velarde earth paintings and other goodies including another rug. I know Steve said that he hadn’t seen a rug quite like this one.  The other rug is unusual as well- I attached a photo so you guys could see it- I’ll be interested to hear what the “maestro” thinks of it- it’s a vintage B’ganaskiddy theme…
Thanks for everything – This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience –
Perhaps we’ll do it again some day…
E.T. Denver, Colorado;)

Navajo Holy People With Corn Yei Vegetal Yello

ght 1031 Navajo Holy People With Corn Yei Vegetal Yello 44″ x 58″ (1.11M x 1.47M) Circa 1930’s

Chief’s Blanket moves to Northern Arizona

Hi Steve,
We do appreciate your patience with us and your welcoming us into your gallery. It was an enjoyable experience, especially working with you and Gloria on our custom weaving.  Now that we have it in our home, we could not be happier with our 3rd phase blanket, it was such a pleasure being involved in the design and color choice for our blanket and it turning out so great and perfect for our room.
Thank you very much,
M&P.  Chandler, Arizona

Churro 1191 3rd Phase Chief's Blanket Gloria Hardy 3' x 4' (special order)

Churro 1191 3rd Phase Chief’s Blanket Gloria Hardy 3′ x 4′ (special order)

Moki finds a happy home in New York

Good Morning, Steve,
I’ve decided to keep Julia’s Moki – I am in love with the colors!  I am putting my check in the mail to you today.  For fun, I’m attaching a photo of where these blankets are displayed in my home on a railing at the edge of my 2nd floor loft space.  I love looking up from the living room and seeing all the color and patterns!
Have a great weekend!
Best Regards,   C.C. New York, New York

Churro 1175 Moki Serape Woven by Julia Upshaw (left) 39" x 60" (.99M x 1.52M)

Churro 1175 Moki Serape Woven by Julia Upshaw (left) 39″ x 60″ (.99M x 1.52M)

Spider Woman

Dear Mr & Mrs Getzwiller:

No pictures could ever do this blanket justice. I’m impressed with the documentation as well.  Ya’ll are certainly operating at a level not often encountered these days – thank you so much.

Please tell Laverta Marianito that we will treasure her work and think of her as we enjoy it.

Your reputation is “the best”. I admire what you have done with the Navajo people and for them too.

Hope to visit your gallery some day too.


John & Joy, Texas

Churro Registry #1032 Laberta Marianito with her Spider Woman Navajo Blanket with a Spider Woman Hole in the Center. First Place "Aniline Dyed Chief's Blankets" 2010 Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial

Churro Registry #1032 Laberta Marianito with her Spider Woman Navajo Blanket with a Spider Woman Hole in the Center. First Place “Aniline Dyed Chief’s Blankets” 2010 Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial


Eye Dazzler

Hi Steve,

I love it.  Had every intention of displaying it on a wall as a drape, then noticed that it coordinated perfectly with the large arts and crafts wool rug in our great room. It looks stunning spread across the back of our brown leather sofa (sofa is free standing in the center of a great room), so that is where it’s staying for now.

I enjoyed the “Living with Navajo Weavings” section of your book.I’ve learned that arts and crafts designs and the geometric Navajo weavings (Red Mesa, Eye Dazzler) have a great affinity for each other.

Thanks so much for all the extras you sent me. It made a very nice package.


Mary, Michigan

Navajo Churro Collection Registry #932
Frances Begay
Eye dazzler Wedge Weave Design
Woven from 100% highly variegated hand dyed churro wool
54″ x 60″
Second Place – Innovative Design

2010 Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial


Eye Dazzler

Hi Gail,

Yes, the weaving arrived yesterday and it is gorgeous! The color is much more rich in person! It’s living happily next to the 3rd Phase blanket. These weavings have definitely added a layer of visual and tactile richness to my home – I love them!

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Carol , New Jersey

P.S. Still looking forward to the looming attraction photos, too.

Churro 1124 Eye Dazzler Woven by Selena Yazzie : 42" x 61" (1.06M x 1.54)

Churro 1124 Eye Dazzler Woven by Selena Yazzie : 42″ x 61″ (1.06M x 1.54)


Old Navajo Rug

Hi Gail,

Well as you predicted, this wonderful piece has found a home in Alaska.

We love it and will enjoy it every day. I always think about the person behind the piece and wonder about his/her life.

Well it’s late in the evening so philosophy is close to the surface.

But when you put your hands on something so fine that was likely made in less than ideal circumstances, it is amazing.

We feel lucky to live with such lovely pieces of art and history.

Picture attached:

I made the pillow on the bed using a small weaving I found somewhere.

The other rug on the bed was one I found on your website a few years back.

Still gorgeous!

Diane R., Alaska

Old Navajo Rug On Bed

Hi Gail, I’ve attached a couple of photos that show two other pieces from your collections that now live in Fairbanks. Thought you’d enjoy seeing how great they look.



3rd Phase Chief Blanket

Hi Steve and Gail,

The blanket we purchased on our visit to your gallery arrived yesterday without any problems. It is going to make a great addition to our home and we are currently deliberating several places to hang it. We really enjoyed our visit to your gallery and getting educated on Navajo weavings. The tough part was making a decision on which weaving to buy. We will visit your website often to look at available pieces and look forward to visiting you again on our next trip to Tucson.

Roland, Charlotte, Pat and I still talk about the time we spent at your gallery.

I really had not planned to buy anything, I just wanted to see what was available and get some education.  But after seeing the quality and the reasonable prices, it was an easy decision to purchase the blanket.

James T.. Ohio

3rd Phase Navajo Chief Blanket


Yei to Alicante Spain

Hi Gail

It arrived today! It’s truly amazing! My wife loves it.

……there is a line in the stitching in one corner which looks a little out of place…..what is it?

I believe what you are referring to is the Spirit Line. Some weavers when they put their best effort into a weaving Weave a small line to one edge of the weaving so their spirit can escape the weaving.  Navajo weaving is a spiritual practice for the weavers. In legend they were taught by Spider Woman to weave, and at Canyon de Chelly there is a very tall thin towering rock (as tall as a sky scraper) they call Spider Rock.

Thanks for the explanation, very interesting.  Photo attached.

I hung it directly on the wall!


Click Here to View This Yei Churro Navajo Weaving

Navajo Hall Runner to Austrailia

Hi Gail,

Apologies for the delay in getting this to you.

I just wanted to say thank you to yourself and Steve for all your assistance with helping us to find, afford and transport our beautiful hall runner.

When my wife and I were in the US in 2008 we fell in love with Navajo weavings. Since then we have found that here in Sydney, Australia Navajo rugs are almost impossible to find. We looked everywhere locally and could not find an importer anywhere. We were just about to give up when we came across your site.

Thank you for patiently sending us photos of the various weavings you had available. Thank you for doing a great deal for us on the one we loved most. Thank you for staying in touch and keeping an eye on things as the weaving was being delivered to make sure we received it. Thank you for your professional and courteous service. And most of all thank you for helping us find the perfect hall runner for our home.

Best regards,

Doug S.  –  Australia

Click Here to View This Navajo Hall Runner

Chinle Navajo Weaving to Connecticut


I’m delighted that I found your beautiful gallery on the Internet. You made it easy for me to purchase a high-quality Navajo rug to enhance my living room’s decor.  I will certainly be back to add to my budding collection.

Thanks again.

Bill G. – Connecticut

Click Here to View This Chinle Navajo Weaving

Saddle Blankets to New Jersey


I picked up the Saddle Blankets from FEDEX yesterday and they were more beautiful than the web pictures. I am trying them all in different locations. You two made this both a great history lesson and a rewarding collection experience. Thanks for all your insight and patience.

Thanks again for all the good advice. You and Gail have made this a great experience,

R. R. – New Jersey

Click Here to View These Navajo Saddle Blankets

Moki Navajo Rug

Steve and Gail –

I apologize for taking so long to send you this message, but I wanted to say thank you for making last Christmas amazing at our house.  When my wife saw the blanket she literally started crying, and it looks great hanging on our living room wall.  It was a big hit!  I look forward to adding another to our collection.

Thanks for all your help and patience during the purchase.  I will recommend you to everyone who comes and comments on the beautiful blanket — which so far has been everyone who has walked through our front door.

Kind regards, Shane H. – Phoenix Arizona

Cotati California

Dear Gail and Steve,

My rug just arrived!!! And it is even more beautiful than in the picture!!! It has a warmth, and presence, and spirit to it that wasn’t expected, and took my breath away when I first opened the box. I keep looking at it, and just can’t believe the thought and attention to detail that so clearly went into weaving it. And I love that you thought to include Steve’s book! I had planned to call and ask if I could order a copy after my rug arrived so that I could read more about the artist, Mary Jane Baker; once again, you appear to have read my mind just as when you chose such a perfect rug for me in the first place. This whole experience could not have been better from start to finish and I am grateful, as making such an investment, sight unseen, seemed like too much of a risk when I first got the idea to purchase a rug online. Thank you so much for your care, expertise and thoughtfulness in helping me come to own this weaving. It is so beautiful, I can’t bring myself to put it on the floor and have decided to hang it on the wall after all! It warms the room greatly, and I will treasure it always.

Sincerely, Suzie

P.S. Now I am hoping my husband and I can come and see these rugs in person someday!

S.L -Cotati, CA


Dear Gail & Steve,

The GORGEOUS rug and mini rugs arrived today in excellent condition. Thank you so much for your very careful packing. The Ganado red is absolutely lovely and will make a marvelous gift for my friend. I know she will be extremely proud to hang it on her wall. The mini rugs are beautiful also and I shall use them with pride on my scots chest and perhaps my blanket chest, not quite sure yet. Thank you for suggesting them, I only wish I could buy more. Special thanks for the lovely Leaning Tree card, I always appreciated them when I was in New Mexico and they are a special treat here in New Zealand. Have a wonderful spring day and thanks again for all your help. Haagonne, Sherry – SW New Zealand

I must admit visiting your gallery was one of the high points of our wonderful visit to the Tucson area.  The rugs we bought as just as beautiful in our home as they were when we viewed them in your Gallery.  Hopefully we will have a chance to visit your neighborhood again.

Thank you.  FD – Mass.


Steve and Gail,

We have seen articles about you and your advertising for years.  Now we are just kicking ourselves for not coming to see you sooner.  the selection at your gallery is mind boggeling and the setting is superb!  We did not know what to expect, but the quality surpassed our expectations as well as the variety.  We now have the task of upgrading our present collection, which will be a delight – now that we have found you! GD Tucson, Arizona

Buying a Navajo rug is a real treat and buying on-line from the Getzwiller’s is an even bigger treat. For us, the Getzwillers mean quality and choice at a fair price. They make shopping a pleasure. Their collection is extensive, top quality and in great condition. Steve and Gail are professionals who know their Navajo rugs and their inventory. We found them very good listeners who were quickly able to match our wishes for size, design and color with their available inventory. After we made our choice the rug was shipped to us on approval and the final selection was made only after we tried it in our home. It couldn’t have been easier. The proof is in the pudding–to date, we have purchased five rugs from the Getzwillers in the past year or so.

JS and DS Maine


I just wanted to let you know that I received my rug today. I am very pleased with it. It’s even prettier in hand than in the picture! I am fairly sceptical about doing business over the internet, but when I saw your ad in the American Indian Art Magazine, got your prompt and helpful response by e-mail, and talked to you in person, I decided to give it a shot. Of coarse the moment of truth is when one actually receives the product, and I am thrilled with it. Thank you again for your all your help. It has really been a pleasure doing business with you and I hope to do so again in the future.

J.F. Ohio


Some of the best things happen by serendipity. On one of my internet browsing sessions I found the Getzwiller web site and recognized right away that the Navajo weavings there were terrific. I’ve yet to meet Gail, but I feel like I know her from e-mails. She was so helpful and patient as I browsed the pictures she sent of many weavings in the styles I most enjoy. One of the key factors for me to purchase a weaving from the Getzwilers was the respect and fair dealings they have with the weavers. In addition, their thoughtfulness of sending pictures of the Churro weaving on the loom increased my enjoyment of this work of art and the admiration I have for this talented weaver.

C.N Australia


I have just completed my first dealings with the getzwillers – the purchase of two weavings, one contemporary and one ‘historic’. We worked entirely on the internet, from my finding their web site to completing the purchase. Numerous e-mail exchanges with gail addressed size, color, quality and personal recommendations – all on target. This was my first significant purchase over the internet and I cannot be more pleased with the process and the results – and the weavings are wonderful additions to our collection.

G.F. Connecticut


As novice collectors of quality Navajo weavings, Steve & Gail Getzwiller have generously shared their expertise in establishing a collection of antique works that now grace our ranch home. From our very first contact they have provided us with a wealth of knowledge complimented by fair and honest representation. They will continue to be the cornerstone of our growing collection!

C.H. Texas

Rancho Santa Fe California

“The quality of the rugs that Steve is nurturing with the weavers is the finest it has ever been–from materials to colors to design. No one has done more for the future of the art form than Steve. At least not in the past 100 years.”

“Juanita and I have received more compliments on the rugs in our home than on any other part of the art. We now have several contemporary masterpieces and are working with our decorator as we design our new home to give them the prominent and appropriate display they deserve.”

M.E. – Rancho Santa Fe, CA


My wife has been collecting Indian weavings for over 30 years, making trips to the Hubbel Trading Post to buy from the source. As soon as we moved to Tucson, she started looking for a new source for weavings, when we came across an ad for Steve Getzweiller. It was at this point when she was introduced to the Churro Collection. The quality of the weaving and attention to detail make these truly works of art that surpass any other weavings available today!

B.D. Arizona

Wickenburg Arizona

Earlier this year our museum was very fortunate display an impressive exhibition from the Getzwiller Collection. This was a special honor for me as I had begun collecting rugs from the Getzwillers in the early 1990’s.

My husband and I have enjoyed creating a southwestern decor around the meditative beauty of our weavings. We also have friends who collect that share our respect for the special skills of the weavers with whom Steve Geztwiller works and the unique collaboration he shares with them in design, texture and color of weavings.

Past Chairman of the Board Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Wickenburg AZ


“We just purchased our fourth rug from Steve Getzweiller. The rugs are simply beautiful; they grace our home with their beauty, spirit and warmth. Steve deals in “woven treasures” which require complete integrity. He knows the weavers and he is an EXPERT on the rugs. Doing business with Steve and Gail is a pleasure. You simply cannot go wrong.”

B.D. California